5 Stars!!!

Zombie BigfootI selected this book because it sounded cool and a little cheesy. I love cheesy sometimes. This was not cheesy at all! It was awesome!

I love how the story is told from the perspective of the Bigfoot as well as the humans. Sullivan also incorporates Native American lore into this story as well which I think is great! 

The characters in the story are very likeable, especially the Bigfoot. (not zombie Bigfoot) The relationship Sullivan builds between the Bigfoot and Dr Bishop, then later his daughter, is very touching. Dr Bishop made quite an impact on the young Bigfoot and helped with communication between the two species by teaching it sign language. 

This is NOT the typical zombie book. SPOILER ALERT! A group of geologists happen to come across a strange green meteorite that seems to be emitting a humming noise. After the meteorite changes them into zombies, they encounter a Bigfoot! The Bigfoot, only trying to protect his pack, rips the zombies to shreds, but is unfortunately bitten in the process. You know what happens next. ZOMBIE BIGFOOT!

I usually don’t like books narrated by the author. Very few authors can pull it off. Turns out, Nick Sullivan was a narrator first and an author second. He’s an excellent narrator! 

I really hope he continues the Creature Quest Series! There is no cliffhanger at the end of this book, but it certainly leaves the possibility of a 2nd book! I’m certainly looking forward to it!

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Reviewer Toad Oliver

My name is Todd Vogel, but I am better known on Facebook as Toad Oliver. Toad was a nickname I got as a kid, and it kinda stuck! Oliver is my unfortunate middle name. I do pest control for a living but I am also a photographer and I love to ride motorcycles. I started listening to audiobooks and audiodramas a little over a year ago. One of my old high school teachers recommended We’re Alive: A Story of Survival. After that I was hooked! Sci-Fi / Post-Apocalyptic is the main genre I enjoy, but I like all types of Sci-Fi. I listen to a little of everything really from horror to romance to erotica, depending on my mood. Over the last year I’ve made several Facebook friends with authors and narrators I really enjoy as well as other audiobook lovers. Some of them I’ve become close friends with. Audiobooks have certainly enhanced my life and make my work day much more enjoyable!

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