Our Dying LandOur Dying Land

Written by: Edward J. McFadden III
Narrated by: Jack de Golia

There is a dead zone in Arizona the size of Rhode Island, and no one can figure out what caused it. On the fringe of the dead zone, Adan Drengle lives on his almond farm alone, preferring the company of plants to that of people. Adan has a very unique gift: he can commune with plants, communicate and exchange physical life energy. He could see the world as plants do. But the land was dying. Why? How soon? These are the questions that constantly tormented him because if he didn’t commune with plants, he would die. When Adan is confronted by his neighbors because his farm is flourishing while theirs wither and die, he is forced to reveal some of his secrets. This leads him on a quest to find The Heart. Adan soon learns that the time has come to fight for the land, and those he loves.

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