Tales of the Unusual

Written by: Luke Smitherd
Narrated by: Luke Smitherd

Tales of the UnusualFive more stories from Luke Smitherd.

HE WAITS: Quite literally, no escape. Because he’s always with you. And in the real world – the world of you, the listener – “He Waits” will stay in your mind in a way that you won’t expect…

KEEP YOUR CHILDREN CLOSE: A campsite. A family holiday. A broken down car. And an approaching breakdown truck that is just the start of Shelley’s nightmare. By the time the sun sets, someone in that field will be dead, and Shelley must somehow make sure it isn’t one of her children.

THE JESUS LOOPHOLE: Published here for the first time, in any format. Obsession, revenge, and a very big question: can God’s system of sin and redemption be played to your own advantage?

CLOSURE: A winter walk in the woods seemed like a great idea to Gary and his wife, Carla. But when another version of himself appears and kidnaps Gary’s wife before his very eyes, Gary must decide whether or not to use the strange mechanical devices his duplicate has left him…and then live with the choice.

YOUR NAME IS IN THE BOOK: When 11-year-old John Diner comes home to find an immense, mysterious book lying on his bed – its cover torn off, every page an endless list of names, some of which even belong to people he knows – he assumes its some kind of phone directory. It has to be, right? Even when the only numbers inside are single digits; solitary and curious scores printed next to each person listed. A puzzle, for sure…and a warning. A desperate message from an unseen stranger, a man trying to explain a terrible truth. John will find himself uncovering a darker reality than he can ever imagine, and the beginning of his road towards an impossible choice.

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