The Thinking Computer & Human Remnants

Written by: Ray Jay Perreault
Narrated by: Zachary Johnson

SIMPOC Boxed SetEarth is attacked by a suspicious virus, and two computers find themselves without their programmers or any code which limits their operations. Because of the techniques used to program them, SIMPOC is embodied with a need to help humans and Julius is paranoid and will do anything to protect itself.

The governments of the world begin to collapse, and the astronauts in space are trapped and must use their lifeboats to return to Earth. SIMPOC’s only mission is to help, but the returning astronauts are attacked by Julius.

Society continues to collapse, and the US government is forced to defend itself and finally seek refuge on an aircraft carrier in the Atlantic. When all seems to have been lost, the reason behind the virus emerges, and mankind is faced with a much greater threat.

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