Disastrously Fabulous

A Novel of Loves, Betrayals and New Beginnings

Written by: D.A. Prince
Narrated by: D.A. Prince

Disastrously FabulousWhat happens when you find pictures of another woman on your husband’s phone? And they are not of her face? Crystal believes that she has it all figured out. With four previous failed relationships, she is certain that she has found her one true love. After all, Burt is wealthy, powerful and handsome – what more could she want? It all comes crashing down one morning when she discovers photos of another woman’s lady pieces on her husband’s phone. Close to a nervous breakdown, she combs through her life to find answers, working through each of her failed relationships to examine the lessons it taught her. Where did it all go wrong? Only Crystal has one more lesson to learn: how to live her own life. Join Crystal on her journey of wealth and ambition, hope and betrayal, lost loves and new beginnings.

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