Mail Order Calamity

Kansas Brides Series, Book 4

Written by: Barbara Goss
Narrated by: Reagan Boggs

Mail Order CalamityElaina Andrews witnesses a bank robbery and recognizes one of the bandits, and struggles with fear and stress from his threats. Her best friend, Sarah, gives her a train ticket so she can take her place as the mail order bride of Peter Mullins, constable of Hunter’s Grove.

Pete turns out to be a fine gentleman and he marries her and brings her to his farmhouse. Every domestic duty Elaina performs turns into a disaster. She doesn’t like the house or the chores he’d burdened her with. She wonders if she should have the unconsummated marriage annulled even though there is a definite physical attraction between them. A rich man, Brock, steps into the picture. Is he her escape route, or will she find a way to reconcile with Pete?

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