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Audiobook Ad Requirements
  • Your audiobook does not have to be discounted or on sale in order to request an ad with AudaVoxx.
  • Audiobook titles are vetted by averaging the star ratings on both Audible (audiobook version) and Amazon (e-book version). In order to be approved, a title must average 4.0 stars or above. (Amazon ratings count for 70% and Audible 30%, so if you aren’t sure if your audiobook makes the cut, feel free to submit and we’ll let you know.)
  • You don’t need to have any ratings or reviews on Audible IF your e-book version has a rating of 4.0 stars and above.
  • Yes, you and your narrator CAN request 25 coupons each from ACX.com for promotional purposes (for those with royalty-share contracts). So feel free to share this site with your narrator, so he/she can help promote your title too!
  • Only ONE AudaVoxx ad type requires Whispersync to be enabled for your audiobook and e-book title: the E-Book Add-On Ad. You’ll find more info on this later on in the FAQ.
How often can I submit ad requests?

Just remember this general requirement: AudaVoxx will feature one author/narrator and one audiobook title or service once a month.

This is to ensure fresh content for newsletter subscribers. So feel free to submit one title or service per author/narrator per month. You are welcome to request as many ads as you like at one time (up to 7), provided they follow the general rule above. Some authors/narrators prefer the “set-it-and-forget-it” approach and bulk several at once. Others prefer to book one every once in a while. Feel free to do what works best for you.

Example: For a specific audiobook title, you can submit ad requests through the rest of the year as long as they occur no earlier than once each month.

As a listener, I’d like to know what Whispersync technology is and how I can take advantage of its features?

Check out these links for useful information:

Whispersync for Voice

Wireless, Whispernet and Whispersync


Must I have Whispersync enabled? How do I know if Whispersync is enabled for my e-book or audiobook?

Just one ad type requires Whispersync to be enabled for both the Kindle and audiobook versions of a title: the E-Book Add-On Ad. If you’d like to add the E-Book Add-On Ad to an existing Main Newsletter Ad order (either a Top Banner Ad, Audio Book Ad, or Giveaway Ad), Whispersync must be enabled on both books. Talk to ACX.com Support (Support@ACX.com) about enabling Whispersync on your titles. Once enabled, you will see a notice like the ones to the left on either your Audible or Kindle book.


How do I get ACX Promotional Codes for an AudaVoxx Audiobook Giveaway Ad?

(This information is paraphrased from an ACX Client Support communication.)

Twenty-five promotional (giveaway) codes are issued by ACX for newly released audiobook titles. If you don’t automatically receive them, you can simply contact ACX to request them manually (email support@acx.com with the title of the book and your request). Royalty-share Producers/Narrators will also receive 25 promotional codes for each of their titles. And if not automatically issued, they can send a request to ACX as well.


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