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Audiobook Ad Requirements
  • Your audiobook does not have to be discounted or on sale in order to request an ad with AudaVoxx.
  • Audiobook titles are vetted by averaging the star ratings on both Audible (audiobook version) and Amazon (e-book version). In order to be approved, a title must average 4.0 stars or above. (Amazon ratings count for 70% and Audible 30%, so if you aren’t sure if your audiobook makes the cut, feel free to submit and we’ll let you know.)
  • You don’t need to have any ratings or reviews on Audible IF your e-book version has a rating of 4.0 stars and above.
  • Yes, you and your narrator CAN request 25 coupons each from ACX.com for promotional purposes (for those with royalty-share contracts). And when you run out, you can request more. So feel free to share this site with your narrator, so he/she can help promote your title too!
  • Only ONE AudaVoxx ad type requires Whispersync to be enabled for your audiobook and e-book title: the E-Book Add-On Ad. You’ll find more info on this later on in the FAQ.
What are the steps in requesting an ad slot?

Go to the Submissions page to find easy step-by-step instructions.

How often can I submit ad requests?

Just remember this general requirement: AudaVoxx will feature one author/narrator and one audiobook title or service once a month.

This is to ensure fresh content for newsletter subscribers. So feel free to submit one title or service per author/narrator per month. You are welcome to request as many ads as you like at one time, provided they follow the general rule above.

Example: for a specific audiobook title, you can submit ad requests through the rest of the year as long as they occur no earlier than once each month, such as Jan 5, Feb 21, Mar 2, and so on.

As a listener, I’d like to know what Whispersync technology is and how I can take advantage of its features?

Check out these links for useful information:

Whispersync for Voice

Wireless, Whispernet and Whispersync


Must I have Whispersync enabled? How do I know if Whispersync is enabled for my e-book or audiobook?

Just one ad type requires Whispersync to be enabled for both the Kindle and audiobook versions of a title: the E-Book Add-On Ad. If you’d like to add the E-Book Add-On Ad to an existing Main Newsletter Ad order (either a Top Banner Ad, Audio Book Ad, or Giveaway Ad), Whispersync must be enabled on both books. Talk to ACX.com Support (Support@ACX.com) about enabling Whispersync on your titles. Once enabled, you will see a notice like the ones to the left on either your Audible or Kindle book.


How do I get Audible Promotional Codes for an AudaVoxx Audiobook Giveaway Ad?

(This information is paraphrased from an ACX Client Support communication.)

Twenty-five promotional (giveaway) codes are issued by ACX for newly released audiobook titles. If you don’t automatically receive them, you can simply contact ACX to request them manually (email support@acx.com with the title of the book and your request). Royalty-share Producers/Narrators will also receive 25 promotional codes for each of their titles. And if not automatically issued, they can send a request to ACX as well.


Is your question not answered above?

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