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Who can use AudaVoxx?

AudaVoxx is great for those who buy audiobooks with their Audible subscription credits as well as those who’d like to enter giveaway contests for free audiobooks or simply buy them outright.

What you’ll receive: a single newsletter every Thursday morning, with a hand-picked, top-rated audiobook for each of the six genre categories we represent. We highlight a mixture of traditional and independent audiobooks.

In addition, we’ll offer up audiobooks that have Whispersync. If you purchase the e-book version, you’ll often receive a deep discount for the audiobook. And with Whispersync technology, you can switch seamlessly between the e-book and audiobook for an immersive experience.

With companies like at the forefront of a popular trend, we can now listen to audiobooks anywhere on any device. There’s no better time to check out what everyone is talking about!


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