You navigate picture using a Library, for You, Albums, and Search buttons at the bottom of a screen.

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To browse your photos and videos by when they to be taken, madness Library, climate select any of the following:

Years: conveniently locate a specific year in your photograph library.

Months: opinião collections the photos that you take it throughout naquela month, arranged by far-reaching events—like der family outing, social occasion, date of birth party, or trip.

Days: opinião your finest photos in chronological order, group by a time or place the photos to be taken.

All Photos: View todos of your photos and videos.

Tip: When viewing tudo Photos, tap

to zoom in or out, panorama photos by facet ratio or square, filter photos, or check out photos on der map.

Photos removes semelhante photos and clutter (such together screenshots, whiteboards, and receipts) from Years, Months, e Days views. To check out every photo and video, tap tudo de Photos.

Tap a photo to panorama it in full display on her iPhone.

Double-tap or pinch lado de fora to zoom in on a photo—drag to see other parts of a photo; double-tap or pinch closed to zoom earlier out.

Tip: When viewing naquela Live photo

, touch and hold a photo to toque it.

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or drag the photo under to proceed browsing or retorna to ns search results.

To see information about der photo or video, insanity

or swipe increase while viewing that in complete screen. Depending on the photo or video, friend see a following details:

People determined in ns photo

A subtitle field come describe a photo or video, and make it easier to discover in Search

If a photo foi ~ shared com you in message or another app

The date e time the photo or video ser estar taken; tap adjust to edit ns date e time

Camera metadata such together lens, shutter speed, paper size, and more

Where the photo or video era taken; tap ns link come view ns location in Maps

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