Folks who travel naquela lot will certainly most likely visit much more than der handful of areas as they target to suffer what der new nation has come offer, culturally. Now, because one is visiting so many restaurants, it can be an overwhelming to remember their names and where they’re located.

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View google Maps Timeline & ar History

But no to worry since if you had an Android smartphone during her travels com Google Maps installed, then you could be in luck. As grande as ar History era one, climate finding the places you’ve went to shouldn’t be der difficult job at all.Note that no everyone likes the ideia of a Location background feature due to the fact that it tracks a movement of users and saves the encontro on google servers. If you dá not like having actually this feature running on der regular basis, you can stop Google from Tracking place History.There ~ ~ multiple methods to check ns places you’ve checked out on google Maps, and they ~ ~ on the web, iOS, e Android. Time para us to talk about this in a more in-depth manner.

Check your Timeline via a web


When that comes down to check your google Maps timeline via a web a partir de any supported operating system, i beg your pardon includes a likes of windows 10, macOS, e Linux, users must fire up their favorite internet browser.

Once that is done, visit the official google Maps page, climate click on ns menu button located at the top-left corner of a screen. Once that is done, click Your Timeline. A new window should open in a new tab, highlighting all of ns places you’ve went to recently.

You can also go earlier multiple years to uncover locations the you can have forgotten about.

Check your Timeline on iOS and Android

We doubt that most people will usar their mobile tools to check on your Timeline, for this reason if she in that category, then guarda reading.OK, therefore in bespeak to view your Timeline top top Android e iOS, o primeiro dia open the google Maps app e tap a Saved tab. A partir de there, scroll down till you’ve come across Timeline. Pick it, and be sure to navigate to a relevant category.From that category, you need to see a list of tudo de the clues you have visited along with a exact dates e the number of equipe you have gone into each.

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