The site Stats ao Spotify enables users to accessibility playlists that show which songs e artists estão listened to the most on your account on streaming platform. Ns feat have the right to be very useful for those quem want to recognize what their favorite música style is, or just to quell the curiosity the what you"ve been listening to lately.

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A audavoxx.communication presents three various lists: 1 referring to ns last 4 weeks of making use of Spotify, an additional talking about ns last seis months e a 3rd that lists the most heard songs since the profile era created on ns service. The website also offers the possibility audavoxx.come create a playlist with only the most ouvi songs.

It is necessary to note that, although very useful, Stats para Spotify is not an main music play online service e users should authorize access to ns account. Spotify additionally creates perform of songs many listened to porque o each user, but apenas um at the fim of each year, in its classic Retrospective.

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How to usar Stats para Spotify

1 - Access ns official website from Stats for Spotify e click on the option “Login Spotify”;



3 - Make sure that girlfriend agree with a terms and permissions for using the site. If you agree, click “I accept”;


4 - On a main display screen of the website, friend must pick whether to view a list of songs (“Top Tracks”) or artists (“Top Artists”);


5 - In this tutorial, we chose ns list that songs. That is feasible to select between a tabs of the last 4 weeks, six months, or since a creation of ns account;


6 - to create a playlist of any kind of of the options, simply scroll down ns list e select the option “Create playlist”. The novo playlist will automatically show up in her Spotify library.

Ready! now you know audavoxx.como as to use Stats para Spotify to see which song you ser estar listening to a most.

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