In equipe of cellular with entry to an ext than one chip, the is quite usual to find o fim there who has an ext than 1 phone number in different operators. This deserve to cause der little confusion in our head, and we don"t always remember what we want as soon as we require it.

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Fortunately, it"s pretty straightforward to find out your cell phone number. Friend can contact your operator and check the information on her own smartphones (be that Android alternativamente iPhone). Check lado de fora the step by action below.

How to find o fim my mobile number ~ above Android or iPhone

If you want to understand your number, naquela simple method is to inspect your cell phone. The most supplied systems in ns world – Android and iOS – offer native tools the allow ns user audavoxx.come verify information around the sim chip inserted in the device.

On android

There estão two means to recognize your phone call number using Google"s operation system, the most difundido in Brazil today:

Enter Settings;Go to around device;Enter Status.
Learn audavoxx.como as to uncover your cell phone number. Photo: Image: Shutterstock

Or else:

Enter Settings;Go audavoxx.come Mobile Network;Then tap mobile Data;The information will appear after the user taps YES

On the iPhone

There ser estar also two methods on cabinet phones Apple"s mobile system. Inspect out how to são de it on iOS:

Enter Settings;Then insanity Phone;Finally, pick My Number.

Or else:

Enter ns Phone app;Go to Contacts;Search by her name (My Card);Tap Phone audavoxx.come check a number.

Call one more phone

Do you want to pass your number on audavoxx.come someone, however don"t understand it right away? pegar the various other person"s phone number and make a call. Her number will be shown to ns recipient of ns call - if ns person wants, just include it to a contact list.

You have the right to check the cell call number on your smartphone. Lukmanazis / Shutterstock

How to find ns number by her operator

Customers a partir de Oi, Tim, Claro e Vivo can inspect their mobile number using der tool noted by a main operators. Aqui it is noteworthy that the olá method is somente valid ao Oi numbers, as óbvio only works Claro, e so on. That is important to follow a steps referring to the operator of ns chip in question to audavoxx.compreendo the desired answer.


There ~ ~ a few ways. The o primeiro dia is using ns "Claro Móvel" app with ns mobile phone call network. As soon as you authorize in to a service, the automatically mostra the phone number you estão accessing with.

The second is through SMS. To dá this, just send naquela message with any word audavoxx.come 35742 e wait porque o the answer with ns phone number. It doesn"t hurt audavoxx.come remember the you need credit or der messaging arrangement to be able to send messages.


The operator oise offers a tool by USSD code e one via telephone call. Check out the approaches below:

Call a number *880#;From the options, choose Services;Then walk to query Number and it will appear.


Vivo customers somente need audavoxx.come send one SMS with a word "Number" to 8300 - the answer will certainly contain ns information requested by a user.


Finally, Tim"s customers additionally have a simple alternative to inspect their cell phone number através da USSD code. Speak to * 846 # audavoxx.come receive a information straight on her device"s screen.

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