You may have noticed that countless songs played on Spotify the videos looped. A short pictures (of só six seconds), serve to make ns experience an ext interactive on the platform.

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In this way, a function allows the user to share ns mini clip on Instagram Stories, too as a album covering of which the song is part.

Several artists contained in the player put ns increment in their songs. However, not necessarily in ~ all. To share a images the is important that a chosen a música has a active feature. Otherwise, ns Instagram will publish only the covering of the single.

It is worth discussing that ns functionality is available para both Android and iOS. If you were excited about the possibility of sharing her favorite music in a player your followers, check o fim our step by step.

How to post music videos to Instagram Stories

1. ~ above Spotify, select an album or playlist

Open the player Spotify and choose a playlist, artist, or album you want to hear. Numerous profiles the bands or singers existing their singles with der piece of the original music video. It will be released on Instagram;

2. Pick the song you desire to share

When choosing the song, the is essential to make sure that ns "looped videos" It"s functioning correctly. As soon as you click on the album image that acaudavoxx.companies a song, naquela mini clip should start.

3. Click on the three dots to a right of a player

When ns video is playing, click on the three dots located in ns upper right edge of ns video. Lock will pegue you to ns next menu;

4. Click "Share"

Scroll down till you find ns "share" switch on ns Spotify player for Android or iOS;

5. Next, "Instagram Stories"

Spotify also permits you audavoxx.come share music other applications. To anunciado on the photo share platform, just click on “Instagram Stories”. It is below the icon the leads to WhatsApp;

6. Choose who you desire to share with

In ns end, the song will be shared on her Stories porque o followers or your finest Friends. Thus, you have the right to filter with those quem want to share your musical taste.

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