I desire to share ns link ( ex: http://site.com/video/example-2 ) top top facebook and one the users click on a image that that write-up on ns facebook the starts playing the video there.

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Just like youtube videos and vimeo videos.

How have the right to I a partir de that?



ns have naquela website the has naquela HTML5 video clip player.

You desire to find der good SWF (*.SWF) video clip player that deserve to stream video são de url=video_Hot_link (pass URL parameter to ns SWF player)

Now after ~ you obtained your SWF player ready ao streaming some videos add Facebook open up Graphto your tag favor below:

Additionally, you should add a following prefix come likeso


Facebook enquanto longer patent inline playback for third party players. Vimeo even mentions this in your documentation.

Moving forward you will require to use Facebook"s own video hosting platform if you want to have videos toque inline in a newsfeed.

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I likewise used og:video come share video but on debugging that on https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/og/object/ , it gives warning error the "og:image" property have to be explicitly provided, even if naquela value have the right to be inferred from other tags.


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