It wasn’t that grande ago the trying come connect naquela controller to your PC ser estar either difficult or you necessary plenty of wires and cords to vai it done. However, novo technology has lastly made it easier to connect your controller come your computer by using Bluetooth and similar methods. 

Syncing your Xbox 360 Controller is no an exception, e even older models should connect to her laptop or desktop computer without too lot trouble. Aqui is naquela basic rundown of como as to connect an Xbox 360 controller to your PC.

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Plug in her wireless receiver

This section só applies come those com wireless controllers. If you’ve got a wired Xbox 360 controller, skip directly to Install software.

For those of you that very own wireless Xbox 360 controllers, connecting to a PC isn’t as straightforward as simply plugging in a device. Primeiro off, you’ll have to purchase a capable receiver, then run the proper setup wizard.


If girlfriend don’t currently have der receiver, they commonly cost between $10 e $20. A official Microsoft variation will cost a bit much more than that, however there are many third-party versions available that job-related perfectly well.

After purchasing ns wireless receiver, attach it to a compatible USB harbor on your computer system (see Figure a below). E se plugged in, der green light will appear on the receiver indicating a device is functioning properly.

Install software

For a wireless gaming receiver and the wireless Xbox 360 controller to effectively sync with uma another, users must download the necessary programas via Microsoft’s website, or the bundled installation disc packaged with their receiver.

If girlfriend have the aforementioned installation CD (probably not, yet it’s possible), insert it right into your PC’s main optical drive e follow ns on-screen wizard. You may need come restart her computer. If not, you can baixar from the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows link; if wired, pick Xbox 360 Controller porque o Windows instead. Select which variation of Microsoft home windows you’re using — a Windows 7 motorists will work para Windows 8 e Windows 10 — select the operating sistema language and click Download.

Once the baixar screen mr up, hit Run and allow the Xbox 360 equipment Setup regime to install a required files. Again, you might be compelled to restart your computer upon completion of a install.


Syncing ns controller

If you’re using naquela wired controller, simply plug it in. You’re boa to go. Scroll under to Testing ns Controller to make sure everything is working correctly.

If not, you’ll have to connect ns wireless Xbox 360 controller with a receiver plugged into your computer. To do so, primeiro turn on the controller by hold down a Xbox Guide button in the center of ns controller, e wait porque o the green backlight to turn on. Afterward, press ns connect switch on principal of the wireless receiver (Figure B) till it begins to flash green, then press ns corresponding button on your controller (Figure C).

The pairing procedure should só take a few seconds, after which the light on the receiver will return to heavy green e one of the four corners around ns controller’s Guide switch will irradiate up (Figure D). If you’re still having actually issues, inspect Microsoft’s assistance page porque o more help.

Testing the controller

Once ns necessary software is installed and the controller plugged in or synced, it’s time to test ns connection. Open the Start menu on her PC, click a search menu, and look for “game controllers.” You must see an alternative that reads: Set increase USB jogos controllers.


To ensure that your controller is functioning properly, check it by turning a joysticks, pulling on ns triggers, e pressing tudo the buttons. If everything is functioning correctly, you will do it see a corresponding activity highlighted in the app. Your sistema should reflect as soon as every button is pushed. If that reflecting tudo of your actions, the doesn’t issue which área of a screen is bright up. 

If your app isn’t totally pairing com your controller e certain buttons no lighting up the screen, you deserve to check lado de fora Xbox’s assistance website para detailed troubleshooting tips.

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Start Playing

To keep things convenient, the empresa labeled a Xbox 360 controller as the default setup porque o most novo PC games. You most likely won’t require to play around with settings or set up crucial bindings to começar playing. 

We recommend the you inspect that her controller is totally paired while you load your jogos because if the two devices aren’t connected, the jogos won’t identify your controller. Part newer gamings support quick and convenient controller changes; Users can switch come 360 controllers, also if lock in the middle the playing.