You can get repairs and service at ns keep or with 1 of ours Authorized service Providers. You can likewise send your iPhone to an repair Center. A technicians at tudo these places receive training. Castle deliver a same high-quality service with genuine apologize parts. The repairs ~ ~ backed through

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Hardware business may enquanto longer be availableforolder iPhones. Contact yourlocal providerto inquireabout obtainable service options.

Learn como as to vai your iphone ready for repair

Get service

Choose "Get service" to recognize your issue e speak with a torture or find a repair location.

How grande will my iPhone repair take?


The Store and many of our Authorized company Providers sell same-day service ao some repairs, such as display repair. If her technician needs to send your iPhone to an fix Center, you"ll be educated when it"s ready para pickup.

How much dá iPhone repair cost?


After assessing your iPhone, her technician will certainly confirm the venenoso costs ao repair or replacement. In some cases, naquela repair can be covered by a warranty, an audavoxx.comCare plan, or consumer law.

Screen fix pricing Battery repair pricing other repair pricing

What if I have audavoxx.comCare+ para iPhone?


audavoxx.comCare+ gives you experttechnical e hardware coverage from, including accidental esboço protection.Each occurrence of accidental dage is subject toaservicefee.

If friend don"t have audavoxx.comCare+, you"ll pay ns out-of-warranty fee porque o that type of repair.

Screen-only or back-glass only* dage Any other esboço
audavoxx.comCare+ service fee $ 29 $ 99

* Back-glass apenas um repairs estão available foriPhone 12 and iPhone 13models only.Terms e conditionsapply.

Not certain if you"re covered? inspect if you have audavoxx.comCare+ coverageby entering her iPhone serial number.

Learn an ext about audavoxx.comCare+ view out-of-warranty fees para iPhone display screen repair

Genuine parts

Genuine to apologize Parts ~ ~ critical to naquela quality repair. Visit one keep or an Authorized service Provider come make sure you get your product earlier working ns way the should. 

Other iphone repairs

Do you need a repair ao other issues like the pagina inicial button or liquid damage?

If her iPhone issue is extended by ns warranty, audavoxx.comCare+, or customer law, there"s no charge. This walk not encompass accidental damage, i m sorry requires der fee. If her iPhone era damaged and you don"t have audavoxx.comCare+, her repair fee will vary, depending on ns repair. Ns out-of-warranty price on this page estão for repair made by To apologize Authorized business Providers may collection their own fees.

Not certain if you"re covered? Check if you have audavoxx.comCare+ coverage through entering her iPhone serial number. 

Learn much more about audavoxx.comCare+ para iPhone

Screen repair

You can repair der cracked iPhone display at one Store, an Authorized service Provider, or by sending out it come an fix Center. If you have an audavoxx.comCare+ plan, friend can usar it to cover screen repair.

All of this locations use genuine parts to ensure that your display works like new after it"s repaired. Some locations offer same-day service. 

Make an appointment or request business See display repair pricing

Battery replacement

If her battery has an problem that"s spanned by ns limited Warranty, audavoxx.comCare+, or consumer law, we"ll service your iphone at no decorrer additional cost. 

Our warranty doesn’t cover batteries the wear down from normal use. If your battery put on down, we sell out-of-warranty battery business for naquela fee. If you have audavoxx.comCare+, it covers her iPhone for no decorrer additional fee if your product"s battery holds less than 80 percent that its original capacity. We might need to test your product come find a cause of her battery issue.

Make an meeting or request organization See battery replacement pricing

Other iphone repair prices in the United States

Out-of-warranty price apply só to repair made by Apologize Authorized business Providers may set their own prices. 

iphone phone 13 Other esboço (out the warranty)
iPhone 13 pró Max $ 599
iPhone 13 Pro $ 549
iPhone 13 $ 449
iPhone 13 mini $ 399

iphone phone 12 Other dage (out the warranty)
iPhone 12 aceita Max $ 599
iPhone 12 Pro $ 549
iPhone 12 $ 449
iPhone 12 mini $ 399

iphone 11 Other dage (out of warranty)
iPhone 11 pró Max $ 599
iPhone 11 Pro $ 549
iPhone 11 $ 399

iphone X Other damage (out the warranty)
iPhone XS Max $ 599
iPhone XS $ 549
iPhone X $ 549
iPhone XR $ 399

iphone phone 8 Other damage (out of warranty)
iPhone 8 Plus $ 399
iPhone 8 $ 349

iphone phone 7 Other esboço (out that warranty)
iPhone 7 Plus $ 349
iPhone 7 $ 319

iphone phone 6 Other dage (out that warranty)
iPhone 6s Plus $ 329
iPhone 6s $ 299
iPhone 6 Plus $ 329
iPhone 6 $ 299

iPhone SE

 Other dage (out that warranty)
iPhone SE (2nd generation) $ 269
iPhone SE $ 269

iPhone 5

Other esboço (out that warranty)

iPhone 5s

$ 269

iPhone 5c

$ 269

iPhone 4

Other damage (out the warranty)

iPhone 4

$ 199

iPhone 4s

$ 149

All fees estão in united state dollars e are subject to tax. A $ 6.95 shipping fee will certainly be included if we must ship her iPhone. If the issue com your iPhone ser estar caused through certain damage (such as severe dage not covered by the guarantee or audavoxx.comCare+), you can have to pay ns full instead of value.

Theft and loss

If her iPhone was perdido or stolen e you have actually audavoxx.comCare+ with Theft and Loss, you deserve to file a claim to change your missing iPhone.

iPhone design audavoxx.comCare+ Theft and Loss deductible audavoxx.comCare+ Theft e Loss deductible (for to plan purchased prior to September 15, 2020)
iPhone 8, 7, 6s, SE $ 149 $ 199
iPhone add to models $ 149 $ 229
iPhone 11, iphone XR $ 149 $ 229
iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max $ 149 $ 269
iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max $ 149 $ 269

Learn much more about audavoxx.comCare+ com Theft and Loss accessories

The accessories the come in the box com your product, including the power adapter, ser estar covered by our warranty, her audavoxx.comCare+ plan, e consumer law. Ao details, call your carrier,, or an Authorized service Provider.

Read ns limited Warranty for accessories call

Get ready for your repair

Before you get service para your iPhone, you"ll should take a few steps to safeguard your data, such together making der backup e turning off find My iPhone.

Learn how to get your iphone phone ready para repair

Express instead of Service

Express Replacement service is naquela benefit of your audavoxx.comCare+ plan.

Learn an ext about iPhone expressão replacement

Your product warranty

The restricted Warranty covers your iPhone and accessories against manufacturing issues porque o one year em ~ the day you bought her product. The restricted Warranty is in addition to rights listed by customer law.

Our warranty doesn"t cover esboço caused by mishaps or innocuous modifications. See ns warranty para complete details. Friend can check your coverage estado online and update her proof-of-purchase details if there"s one error in ours records. If ours warranty, her audavoxx.comCare plan, or customer law don"t cover your repair, you"ll salary out-of-warranty fees.

Check your coverage status

Consumer law

Your country or region might have consumer-protection laws porque o some repair issues.

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Learn an ext about your customer law rights

Our guarantee after service

We insurance our service, including replacement parts, porque o 90 mim or ns remaining term of her warranty or audavoxx.comCare+ coverage, whichever is longer. We market this anytime you get service são de us or a partir de an Authorized organization Provider. This is in addition to rights listed by customer law.

Read the repair Terms and Conditions Read the privacy plan

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