The Copa estados unidos da america 2021 knockout step has lugged us amazing matches and the futebol americano community can"t wait porque o the grand duram between Brazil and Argentina. Here, check out what ns tie-breaker will be in case a match stays tied after regular time.

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The Copa américa 2021 group phase delivered plenty of emotions, butthe most exciting component of the competitiongot even an ext interesting. Eight teams have actually made the to a knockout step looking to make their caminho into a grand último in Río de Janeiro.

However, only two stay in contention e the futebol world is eager to watch a thrilling final.Brazil it seems to be ~ to it is in favorites come win a title porque o the second time in a row, yet they will have actually stiff vain asArgentina estão also seeking the continental trophy to end naquela longdrought.

The knockout stages have actually seen many exciting matchups that have actually had drama until ns very end. With the Copa estados unidos da america 2021 último looming around, here we"ll take a look in ~ what the tie-breaker criteria will certainly be if the matchremainstied after regular time.

Copa america 2021: What wasthe tie-breaker criteria in the knockout stages?

The Copa américa 2021 knockout stages have actually begunin a quarterfinals. In this round andthe semifinals, when naquela matchfinishedtied after 90 minutes ns winner wasdecided by naquela penalty shoot-out.

In the quarterfinals, we"ve watched Colombia and Peru moving onto the next round through ns penalty kicks. In a semifinals, argentina knocked out los Cafeteros in der dramatic punish shoot-out com Emiliano Martínez conserving three kicks.

The third-place gameto be played between Colombia and Peru will certainly be made decision in a same rua if it"s quiet level after regulatório time.

Copa america 2021: What will certainly be a tie-breaker in ns final?

On ns other hand, the Copa américa 2021 finaltie-breaker will be different. If a score continues to be tied in ~ the fim of regular time, the jogos will continue to extra time with dois periods of 15 minute each. Should things remain level after ~ those sub 30 minutes, the tournament winners willbe chose on penalties.

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The last Copa estados unidos da america final that era decided em ~ the punish spot took lugar, colocar in 2016when chile defeated argentina for the second right year. In 2015, La Roja havebeaten La Albiceleste in the same manner at home.