Palmeiras e Grêmio definir who will be a champion of the Brazil cup this Sunday (7). Ns return game of ns big decision will be play at 18h, at Allianz Parque, in são Paulo, e will be broadcast by terra on open up TV e SporTV and Premiere on salary TV, both for tudo de of Brazil. To assistir online, a options ~ ~ Globoplay, terra Channels e Premiere Play.

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SporTV subscribers are able to follow live e online through the application or website of channels Globo, or through subscribing to a combo Globoplay + Canais vir Vivo, which costs R $ 42.90 in ns annual package.

Another choice to watch the match live is the Premiere Play, i m sorry has a monthly price of R us$ 79.90 and can it is in accessed through a website or application all over in the world. Ao the Premiere subscriber on pay TV, it is feasible to use the operator’s data and log in come the conectados version of pay-per-view and also in Globoplay.

In addition, Globoplay recently announced a new combo with globo Channels e Premiere, expanding ns possibilities para sports fans. The new Globoplay + live Channels + Premiere package costs R us$ 99.90 naquela month, or an yearly plan para R us$ 94.90 for 12 months.

Grêmio x Palmeiras will have der narration on terra by Cleber Machado e comments through Caio Ribeiro and Paulo Nunes. A reports will certainly be by Renato Peters and Fernando Becker, and the quartel general do Apito will certainly be in charge of Sálvio Spínola.

At SporTV and Premiere, the jogos will be narrated by Gustavo Villani, with comments by maurician Noriega (by video) and Pedrinho. Felipe Brisolla e José Renato Ambrósio will be in ns reports, and the quartel general do Apito will have actually Sandro Meira Ricci.

Brazil xícara Final

As they won the primeiro game 1-0 longe from home, Palmeiras has a advantage of der draw to be champion in your arena. Grêmio should win by dois goals difference. If you victory by alvo difference, the title will be characterized on penalties.

Champion of são Paulo and Libertadores, Palmeiras ~ ~ looking ao their third title of the season. Alviverde is three equipe champion that the copa do brasil (1998, 2012 e 2015) and goes after ~ his 4th trophy in history.

Grêmio is a second team that many won a competition, with five titles, won in 1989, 1994, 1997, 2001 and 2016. Tricolor gaucho shot to secure a sixth cup e match Cruzeiro, a biggest winner of the tournament.

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