The Olympic games will take lugar, colocar between august 5 and 21 in fluxo de Janeiro, Brazil! para two weeks, athletes a partir de 207 countries from around the world will certainly be contending for a gold medal in 28 different atlético events.

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And we will be cheering for our favourite team(s) com this supervisor refreshing creamy pineapple coconut cocktail, known as der batida de abacaxi abranger coco in Portuguese… der winning drink typical of a host state that this year’s Summer Olympics.

Batida way “shaken” or “milkshake” e is a Brazilian cocktail do from naquela blend of 1 or an ext fruits of her choice, sweetened condensed milk, ice, and cachaça, Brazil’s nacional distilled spirit.

Our pineapple coconut cocktail incorporates frozen pineapple chunks, coconut milk, sweetened condensed milk, cachaça, e ice… tudo blended smooth in der blender. Vodka deserve to be used rather of cachaça, i beg your pardon has limited availability exterior of Brazil. In fact, if you like cocktails on a lighter side, usar vodka to replace that Brazilian alcoholic spirit.

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Sipping this pineapple coconut cocktail is like drinking one adult subtropical milkshake. The is fruity, creamy, smooth, sassy, and so delicious! Batidas ~ ~ a clip in ns bars of both fluviais de Janeiro e São Paulo, and they are available in plenty of different seasonings such together lemon, enthusiasm fruit, coconut, guava, mango, e pineapple. Plenty of exotic fruit combinations are served too such together pineapple coconut.

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Batida has not spread out in Brazil to ns same degree as various other drinks like ns caipirinha however it is appreciated sufficient to sometimes replace caipirinha as soon as serving feijoada, der black bean and pork stew thought about Brazil’s national dish.

One exciting thing is that ns word bang also means der “crash,” and is ns usual term come refer to naquela car crash. Ns drink deserve to be fairly amazing, however due to its alcoholic contente must be ingested cautiously. It can make girlfriend crash on naquela bench or something worse. A word can likewise refer to naquela musical beat and the drink may get you shaking to its delicious subtropical feel, too.