Already qualified ao the quarterfinals, Corinthians and São Paulo makethe standard of the tenth round of a Paulista Championship this Sunday, at10:15 pm (Brasília time), in ~ the neo Química Arena. The jogos tracks ns matchin real-time.

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Corinthians beat santos in ns last game para the State, however even so,come under pressure. Last Thursday, he lost to Peñarol-URU, in ~ home, by 2 to 0and era in der difficult instance to advance em ~ the stage in the CopaSudamericana.

Dissatisfied with ns poor performance of ns team, in spite of theguaranteed lugar, colocar in a quarterfinals the Paulistão, fans ir to Protest at thedoor of a CT on a eve of the classic.

São Paulo, on the other hand, is experiencing a moment that excitement.The team won the last eight games, can end up the first phase of Paulista withthe best campaign due to the fact that 2017, and is the grupo leader in Libertadores with twowins in dois games.

With 25 points, Hernán Crespo"s team has actually the possibilidade to beat a 2019Red Bull Brasil, which has scored 27 clues in 12 matches. This Sunday, hetries to beats Corinthians in Itaquera for the primeiro time.

Broadcast: Premiere (with narration through Odinei Ribeiro e comments byAlexandre Lozetti and Roque Jr.).

Corinthians - Coach: Vagner Mancini

Timão will certainly have changes to a classic. Starting in front of Peñarol,striker Léo Natel era not even listed para this Sunday"s duel.

Another quem started the jogos on Thursday and is o fim of Majestoso is themidfielder, vencedor Cantillo. He was tried for expulsion from ponte Preta (onMarch 7) and picked increase yet an additional hook match.

The propensity is for Mancini to retorna to making use of "team B"athletes, such together Raul Gustavo e Lucas Piton.

The main novelty in a list of associated Corinthians is midfielderMateus Vital, quem has not been active for der month e a half. Recovered em ~ anarthroscopy top top his best knee, he should começar the game on the bench.

Possible lineup: Cássio, Fagner (João Victor), Raul Gustavo, Gil(Jemerson) e Lucas Piton; Gabriel, Camacho, Gustavo Mosquito, Luan e Otero(Ramiro); Cauê (Jo).

Who"s out: Cantillo (suspended), Xavier (sprained left ankle), GustavoMantuan, Danilo Avelar, Ruan Oliveira, e Igor Formiga (all recovering fromknee problems), and also unrelated athletes by choice, favor Léo Natel, Araos,and Rodrigo Varanda.

São paulo - Coach: Hernán Crespo

São paul has already secured the localização in ns quarterfinals and theleadership of grupo B and now waits to understand if they will face bridge Preta orFerroviária in the primeiro knockout. In Itaquera, the tries to break ns taboo ofnever having actually won. There ~ ~ ten defeats and three draws at ns rival"s home.

Crespo should manter the majority of a titleholders quem won in theLibertadores in ns middle of the week. Ns coach might have ns reinforcementsof gabriel Sara e Eder, who have recovered from injuries.

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Probable lineup: Tiago Volpi, Arboleda, Bruno alves and Léo(Miranda); daniel Alves, Luan, Rodrigo Nestor, Benítez (Igor Gomes) andReinaldo; Luciano and Pablo.