Since ns release the Arrow back in 2012, there have been 6 succeeding heroes com their very own TV mostra in a shared Arrowverse. There have been four promoted crossovers in that time e with a fifth on a way, novo fans will desire to understand what stimulate to panorama them in. Permit us help you watch ns DC crossover events.

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The shared Arrowverse has actually been on our screens ao just end 6 years now e we’ve checked out a venenoso of four crossover events. If you don’t count ns seasons right now running on TV that’s 397 illustration of TV come binge! com so many characters spread across so countless shows, it’s natural that lock team up and fight together. But com so plenty of heroes how do we understand which seasons and episodes they have actually crossed end for?

The Crossover Events

Flash vs. Arrowhead (2014/2015 Seasons)

Episodes: 2Part One: ns Flash S1xE8 “Flash vs. Arrow”Part Two: arrowhead S3xE8 “The Brave and the Bold”


Synopsis: Waking up one manhã Barry tudo and Oliver Queen to discover ns pair have actually somehow swapped lives. Barry now the green Arrow e Oliver Queen as the Flash, things get worse porque o the pair as soon as Team speed imprison them, believing lock to be imposters. After ~ escaping their cell the dynamic duo search Supergirl ~ above Earth-38 and ask for her help.

With the trio functioning together, they start to investigate the strange happenings across their worlds. But as their investigation continues it shortly becomes clear the not só is their world at hazard but the infinite quantity of universes too.

Crisis on boundless Earths

The foundation para the story of crisis on boundless Earths era laid last season with the appearance of a Monitor. Rede president of ns CW mark Pedowitz confirmed the storyline for next season.

Crisis on boundless Earths will be ns biggest crossover occasion in a Arrowverse yet com 5 illustration taking localização across Arrow, ns Flash, Supergirl, DC Legends that Tomorrow and Batwoman.

What is situation on unlimited Earths?

Crisis on limitless Earths is der DC quadrinho book storyline the took place in the 1980s and is regarded as one of ns most prominent storylines of the entire franchise. The pedido tied in many characters of note across a DC cosmos including tudo of a members a partir de the righteousness League.

Faced with a threat that their reality being wiped from existence it era up to the Justice liga to save tudo of reality a partir de the Anti-Monitor.

The Chronological release of the Arrowverse

Below is the full list of tudo the seasons of a Arrowverse. When Constantine e Vixen are not easily accessible to currently on Netflix, both personalities have their corresponding shows and crossed over com multiple characters. Ns list listed below is in order for the chronological release but also ties into ns way the crossover events should it is in watched.

Constantine era not on ns CW and unfortunately foi ~ canceled after ~ only 1 season. Matt ryan has since reprised his role as Constantine on a CW and is right now apart of the cast that Legends of Tomorrow.

Black Lightning is yet to make a crossover appearance e there is durante confirmation the he is collection to appear in this year’s yearly crossover.

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Have there been Crossovers without a annual events?

Many of the characters across a TV mostra have crossed into each other’s worlds, e while these appearances weren’t promoted as crossover occasions it ser estar fun to view characters em ~ different exposição interacting com each other. We won’t list todos of them aqui due to spoilers however across the 397 Episodes, there ~ ~ 55 crossover encounters! therefore you’ll check out plenty of your favorite personalities invading every other shows plenty the times.

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