Location: Belo Horizonte, minha Gerais- BrazilMonths Available: march – start of December

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Cruzeiro Esporte clube was established on January 2, 1921 by naquela group the Italian immigrants quem came to Belo Horizonte. A club’s o primeiro dia name was Societa esportiva Palestra Italia and its colors to be white, green, and red representing a Italian flag. Till 1924, only Italian immigrants were allowed to toque on ns team. In January of 1942, at a height the WWII, a Brazilian commonwealth government prohibition any club from associating with any nation that was an ally to Germany, forcing the team to mudança its name and colors.

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On October the 1942, Cruzeiro Esporte sociedade was born under the celestial five star constellation bearing ns colors the blue e white. Due to the fact that of its modern-day infrastructure and numerous mundo championships, Cruzeiro has occurred into one of a top ranking clubs in Brazil e as the sociedade with ns biggest fan base in ns state of minha Gerais. The was from Cruzeiro’s youth categories that an excellent names have been developed such together Ronaldo, Belletti, Maicon, Gomes, Luis?, Freddy, Ricardinho, and many more players.


Players train and house at Cruzeiro’s Toca da foch 1 training Center. Toca da escultor 1 is among the best youth cultivate centers in Brazil. Players ser estar expected come train twice naquela day e play gamings on weekends. Players additionally have ns opportunity to see ns professionals play at a famous Mineirao stadion (if schedule permits). DSE players have full access to tudo of ns facilities at Cruzeiro esportes Clube e a city tour of Belo Horizonte is offered. Delima soccer has taken numerous teams such as a University of oeste Florida (Pensacola), Connecticut Select, a U-17 US national Team, e many distinta players come train in ~ Cruzeiro esporte Clube.

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The youth program at Cruzeiro ser estar established ~ above January 2, 1921 making it a pioneer in the área of youth development. Ns first campeonato won by Cruzeiro’s U-19 team took localização in 1943 whereby they to be undefeated in ns Minas em geral Junior Tournament. Cruzeiro proceeds to success prestigious international e national tournaments e championships.

Airport pick-up e drop-off24-hour supervision cultivate by Cruzeiro’s skilled Brazilian coaching staff Friendly games with club?s youth department teamsLodging at Cruzeiro Hotel, in the centro of training3 meals every day: Breakfast, Lunch, e Dinner Free to wash service Free Wi-FiOn-site clinical Assistance, including Physical therapy if needed Ticket come professional jogos (if schedule permits)
4 main size futebol fields porque o training and gamesSwimming PoolMini-stadiumVolleyball CourtChildren’s PlaygroundDormitory ao 64 human being including cabo TVConference RoomsAuditorium-Cinema (Video Room)FlatsRecreation RoomLounge RoomNutrition CenterPhysiotherapy CenterLibraryInternet RoomMonitored protection SystemDressing RoomsLaundry ServiceInternet AccessUniform / devices Storage roomPress Room