Selena Gomez has released her primeiro Spanish apenas um single e the an interpretation behind she 'De Una Vez' lyrics is so powerful.

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Selena Gomez has put out naquela new single and her 'De Una Vez' lyrics estão about finding strength on your very own after heartbreak.

Earlier this semana (Jan 11), Selena Gomez sent her fans into meltdown after multiple murals showed up in Mexico, featuring the words 'De Una Vez', 'Selena Gomez' and 'Baila Conmigo' top top them. Quickly afterwards, people began theorising the Selena foi ~ about to release new Spanish language music and, yesterday (Jan 14), Selena shown that a rumours to be true.

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Selena tweeted: "De Una Vez. Esta noche", alongside the artes for her new single 'De Una Vez'. She climate posted ns video porque o the a música just hrs later with a caption: "This is the beginning of something I’ve want to explore for so long. I saltar you love the as lot as i do."

The canção is all in Spanish therefore we've found a English translation ao you come understand exactly what Selena is singing.

What a partir de Selena Gomez's 'De Una Vez' text mean?

Selena Gomez De Una vez lyrics: English translation. Picture: Interscope registro

'De Una Vez' method 'at once' and the main chorus heat 'de una vez através toda' method 'once e for all'. The música is about the exact moment in which you heal from naquela broken heart. In the intro, Selena sings: "It doesn't hurt favor before, durante / ns wound são de your love has actually healed". She adds: "Once and for tudo / i am stronger on my own / e it's no that ns regret the past / I know that the time invested by your ao lado cut my wing / But now my chest is bulletproof".

'De Una Vez' is the primeiro single são de Selena's together yet untitled Spanish project. She hasn't evidenced whether or not she's releasing der full album but a words 'Baila Conmigo' appear at the fim of the 'De Una Vez' video, leading pan to believe that another Spanish solitary is coming really soon. Ao now, we'll be playing 'De Una Vez' non-stop.

Selena Gomez - 'De Una Vez': English Translation

INTROIt doesn't hurt prefer before, noThe wound são de your love has actually healed

CHORUSOnce e for allI am more powerful on mine ownAnd it's no that i regret the pastI understand that a time spent by your lado cut my wingsBut now my chest is bulletproof

VERSEI don't have you, I have myselfThis is not para you come think it's about youI left therefore don't you forgetThat through death one can it is in rebornWhen the last ocean dries upThat's when I'll think around coming backNow I fully understand what ns feelYou're not hereHow nós vamos is a time that has passedI am healed em ~ you, I currently told youI durante longer feeling youI don't feel you anymoreYou never knew how to worth me, and...

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CHORUSOnce and for allI am more powerful on mine ownAnd it's no that ns regret the pastI recognize that the time invested by your side cut my wingsBut agora my chest is bulletproof

OUTROOhAh-ah-ah, ah-ahMy chest is bulletproofUh-uh-uh-uhAlone, ah-ah, ahNow my chest is bulletproof

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