Today a theme is ns book that tells whatever about 1 of my favorite e highly successful filme in ns 1980s: we Don"t need Roads: a Making of the Back to ns Future Trilogy (Caseen Gaines, 2015).

I think that this trilogy certification Michael J. Fox (Marty McFly) and Christopher Lloyd (Doctor Emmet Brown) impacted not only the generation that had a privilege the watching the on the big screen. The is der timeless modern-day story the touches people"s imagination. Therefore, 35 years after ns release the the o primeiro dia film, it is always fun audavoxx.come think i m sorry predictions a Back to the Future gained it right, especially when Marty McFly reaches the agora distant year the 2015.

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The DeLorean. Photo: main facebook of ns trilogy

One of a most striking scenes in a trilogy is once Marty plays in ~ the bola where her parents kiss porque o the primeiro time. The boy, der teenager from 1985, foi ~ in a year of 1955 with a mission of resolving his very own history, since his father and mother essential to outono in love para him and his brothers to be born usually in ns future. In ~ the end of ns dance, Marty, who had taken over the band"s guitar, theatre “Johnny B. Goode”, which had actually not yet been created by musician lining Berry. When the concertos is over, Marty looks at the audience and realizes that everyone is rather surprised with ns song. Then, that says: "I don"t think you"re ready for this yet, however your kids are going audavoxx.come love it”.

And somehow, Marty McFly foi ~ right. Earlier to ns future has actually beaudavoxx.come der global fever, with fan clubs scattered around a world, as the book shows in the final pages. "I"ve been going audavoxx.come conventions Chris Lloyd for a few years now e I think he is tho surprised to discover that he is for this reason loved", says Lea Thompson, who played Marty"s mom in the trilogy. If you, favor me, are one of those fans, be sure to read We Don"t require Roads: ns Making of a Back to a future Trilogy. In naquela nutshell, that is a book that tells everything about the three movies, pass unpublished interviews that everyone affiliated in the universe of Marty, Doc Brown and DeLorean. Therefore, making us feel der little bit nostalgic with it.

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ByGuilherme Osinski

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