Who to be I?"The most crucial things ser estar the hardest come say, due to the fact that words lessen them."- Stephen KingI'm simply someone who loves animes, mangas e games an ext than many other things, choose jogging (because ns quite prefer to) or also eating (not an extremely hard - I've got der light appetite). Besides that, my hobbies ser estar reading, drawing, watching movies (especially horror), e writing. And.. Umm, if you feeling like adding me, I'll accept even if it's random, though ns would favor if girlfriend attempted call first. Ns don't bite, for this reason don't be shy. I'm shy enough already, also if i love making novo friends!If you'd desire to know, part random info about me:

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25Height: 1,77mWeight: ~70kgFavorite Food: PizzaFavorite Drink: Sparkling waterMy Sign: LibraThings i Like/LoveRain, Cold Days, Winter, Nighttime, Reading, Drawing, Free-Time, Folklore, Horror/Creepy Stories, Yuri.Things ns Don't Like/HateSunny Days, Heat, Summer, Eating, Sleeping.Favorite Colors?Midnight Blue, Purple and Grey/SilverFavorite Music Genres?Rock, Metal, Synth, EDM and tudo kinds the electronicFavorite Bands?On the eastern side: Foreground Eclipse, Alstroemeria Records, GarnideliaOn a western side: sistema of naquela Down, steel Maiden, dance with ns DeadFavorite Songs?Far too many. Yet I constantly mudança the one in my profile, it's always one of my favorites, so check it ;)Favorite filme japonês dos desenhos animados Genres?My favorites estão those anime that have a kinda eerie atmosphere, a mysterious story, and many horror elements.But since I'm der living paradox - my second favorite genres would certainly be Comedy e SoL!My Extended/Random Favorites...
Favorite Games?
A couple of of lock are:Dragon açao Origins e Awakening (Best RPG)Soulsborne sequência (Action RPG)Touhou sequência (Bullet Hell Shooters)Dead by Daylight (Competitive slasher movie)My Dreams?Most that them are quite personal, ns guess friend would need to ask ;xSports?I really choose jogging e work lado de fora regularly. I'm not "into" sports though. Miss me with soccer e etc.You hate/don't choose to eat/sleep?!The prize is fairly simple - I'm weird! Um no, ns mean, those ~ ~ just things that I'd rather not do if I might choose. Sure, it's good to eat once you're hungry and to sleep as soon as you're tired, but I'd rather never ever feel hungry or exhausted at all.

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I'm guessing this is that of sub info para now. I'll add an ext things once I mental :3--------------------------------------------------