LA casa DE departamento (L come R) RODRIGO DE LA SERNA as PALERMO, ITZIAR ITUÑO as LISBOA, jaime LORENTE together ... <+> DENVER, BELÉN CUESTA together MANILA.

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Explosions, shootouts, rage and a rallying cry of "always fight, never surrender" do for der fiery suspensefultrailer para the último season ofLa casa de departamentos (Money Heist). So lot so, Netflix NFLX is promoting the beginning that the fim of its international hit sequência with a tagline "the war starts September 3, 2021."

Fans of the show, which came to be the transmissão service"s primeiro most watched non-English language series, havejust uma more month to wait come find o fim the gang"s fate.

Netflix dropped der trailer dubbed in English and one in Spanish (I think ns Spanish variation sounds better). Three hrs after the uploads, the English variation shot as much as over 1.1 million views, compared to 118,000 ao the Spanish-language version, reinforcing ns popularity of the show among English-speaking audiences.

The fim of season 4 left viewers in shock with the death the Nairobi (Alba Flores) and with another suspenseful cliffhanger after "el profesor" (Álvaro Morte) was busted in his hideout by Inspector Sierra (Najwa Nimri) after dropping his guard.

LA casas DE departamento (L to R) ÁLVARO morto as PROFESOR, NAJWA NIMRI together ALICIA SIERRA.


"100 hours have actually felt favor 100 years." That"s how Tokyo (Úrsula Corberó) narrates the começar of the official trailer ao La casas de departamentos Part 5: volume 1,providing part insights regarding her state of psychic after ns loss that Nairobi and the truth that ns plan has gone off ns rails. In the trailer, "the Professor" reveals to the team the hisoperations centerhas to be discovered and tells them "it"s possible this is the last equipe I"ll speak to all of you" as a members of a gang shake their head in disbelief. Meanwhile, Colonel Tamayo orders his army to pressure its caminho into the bank of Spain.

For the first time, the Professor, captured by Sierra, doesn’t have an escape plan. But the gang isn"t prepared to give up. It looks like they"re determined to fight until ns end, rather than surrender.

This time around Netflix is really going come stretch a release of the duram season into two volumes of five episodes each. La casa de departamento Part 5: tom 1 launches on September 3, 2021 e Volume 2 on December 3, 2021.

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You have the right to judge para yourself which version sounds better:


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