NOTE: the events in this chapter will be experienced differently based on what taken place at the end of illustration 2.

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Dark Room

You começar the illustration waking up in the dark room bound to a chair.

When you have control of a camera you can look to her left to view your diary ~ above the table to ns left of the shelves that folders.

NOTE: If friend warned Victoria successfully in illustration 4; you have the right to look to your left to view Victoria tied increase on ns floor, you have the right to try and talk to her yet she is fora of it. If you didn"t warn her or she didn"t believe you, she"s not in this scene.

You can see naquela trolley to your right, com various things on it - including a photograph of you, taken previously by mr Jefferson, i beg your pardon you can look () at. There ser estar 4 points which ser estar attached by, both hands e both legs. You should detach () your best leg. Then you have the right to pull () the trolley closer therefore you have the right to use a photo to go back in time. Look () at ns photo, then focus on ns photo () and use e come focus ns photo (lots that focusing) to take trip back.

Dark Room - first Focus

You estão on the floor in a dark room, previously in a night, com Mr Jefferson acquisition photos the you, then doing a bunch that "explaining". This is the primeiro time ns noticed ns edges of the photo properly, you can mudança what happens in ns past, but ~ ~ constrained by the limits of ns photograph. At some point Mr Jefferson complains about you relocating too much e goes come get der new sheep of sedative, girlfriend kick a trolley away, spilling the bottles over a folder. He climate injects you, and the step fades out.

Dark Room - After the Focus

You wake up ago in the dark room in a chair again. Ns trolley is in prior of you.

NOTE: If you warned Victoria efficiently in illustration 4; she is on a floor and starting to stir. Talk to her () to find out how she got there. She remembers girlfriend warned her about Nathan, she states she fui to Jefferson, yet he foi ~ acting weird. If girlfriend didn"t warn her or she didn"t think you, she"s not in this scene.

You can see ns remains of a broken bottle on a left of the room. Ns stained folder is on ns bottom shelf, if girlfriend look in ~ it () Max comments the because the photos estão stained, she can agora use them. The photos that were affected ser estar now in former of Max (along with the previous photo and the camera). Look at a photos (), you ser estar sitting in ns chair in this one, and Max comments the she looks an ext awake. Focus on ns photo () and use e come focus a photo come travel back again.

Dark Room - 2nd Focus

You"re in ns chair still, however it"s earlier and Mr Jefferson is talking again - friend ask him why he"s act this. Usually he"s naquela world course creep. Nathan comes up in conversation, (depending top top what selections you do in a previous illustration you may be blamed porque o setting up Nathan) and you find o fim more about Rachel Amber.

After a conversation, Jefferson place on part music e goes come print lado de fora some photos. You ~ ~ now "free" to explore, you can see your journal on the table to ns left, you look at it () e comment about all the picture in your diary that could help. You get the little notice in a top corner that suggests there ~ ~ new conversation options.

Rewind () to as soon as Jefferson starts to revolve away e () falar to him. Select ns conversation choice "my diary" (cn_A) and he will throw a diary on the floor in front of you, open on ns page of the first selfie you took in a game. Emphasis on the selfie () e use e to focus ns photo to travel back again.

Art course - Focus

You ~ ~ back in arte Class at ns "beginning", just after you take the selfie. Jefferson is talking (you hear that mention the dark room - creepy premonition). Answer "Daguerreian Process" as a right answer, or pick 1 of the other responses ao fun retorts.

You decidir to warn david about Jefferson and the dark room. Look at at her cell phone call (), you require David"s number. Look at at her bag () to comment on having Blackwell brochures, search ns bag () to get naquela pamphlet. Upper and lower reversal through ns pages till you discover David"s number on ns last page, use to view the text. Back out e use her cellphone () to message David.

You are free to explore the classroom now. Head over to the window where Kate is sitting and comfort her () (*hugs*). You agora have ns option come take der photo ().

IncandescentTake optional picture #1 in illustration 5: Polarized


4 guides

Now head over to Victoria e Mr Jefferson, and give him ns photo () porque o the competition. In ~ the end of ns conversation that fades out e the photos começar changing.

Plane - between Realities

You wake up on a plane come San francisco on ns Friday, tudo the occasions of a week having been erased and you having won ns Everyday Heroes competition. You"re sitting following to ns headmaster. Friend look over at a newspaper with naquela headline that states that a local teacher era arrested and you get naquela text são de Chloe! There ~ ~ a couple of things you have the right to look in ~ (), the newspaper, ns poster for the everyday heroes competition, a seat earlier TV (turn the on com ).

When girlfriend look at a principal"s TV display () the pilot announces that you ~ ~ nearly there. You have the right to then falar to gorjeta Wells (). Friend have an additional nosebleed after ns conversation and then it fades right into photos.

Art Gallery

You next come to entering the Zeitgeist Gallery. The principal advises girlfriend to talk to as numerous influential civilization as possible, offers you a pep talk e then heads to ns buffet. Friend now compreendo to explore a gallery.

Head right, down a stairs into naquela little room and see der camera on a bench behind a women looking at der set of photos. Pick up her camera and take a photo ().

Night VisionTake optional picture #2 in episode 5: Polarized


4 guides

Then head around the gallery e look at everything () and talk to everybody (). Leaving your photograph until critical (you"re on the back wall).

Look at your entry () come approach, you climate clutch your head e flash back to a storm e the lighthouse. You scream Chloe"s name e come to com another bloody nose. You then operation off come make naquela phone speak to to Chloe, she"s ago in Arcadia bay in ns tornado. Head earlier upstairs to her picture, emphasis on it () e use e to focus a photo to travel earlier to a moment you took the competition entrance photo.

Max"s Room - Focus

You"re back in her room having just taken ns competition entry photo. You can"t check out much because you have such naquela limited area, reality is breaking down. Look at a photo (), e then tear it up (), to stop a previous timeline (you must be in Arcadia somente not mountain Francisco). Reduced to an additional photo fade.

Dark Room - Confrontation

You"re back in a dark room, not a classroom - but why? Turns out Jefferson found the torn up competition entry in your diary and burnt it along with todos your picture - so girlfriend couldn"t have fui back to that first day.

NOTE: If Victoria ser estar there in the dark room, she"s now "gone", eep.

The storm is poker outside.

Jefferson go to compreendo the drugs to kill you with, as he approaches and is about to stick you with the needle that hears a noise and heads end to ns doorway, it"s David! yet Jefferson is as well quick e clonks him over a head knocking that to a ground e killing him, climate he come back porque o you.

Rewind (), and as Jefferson walks end to the wall should o fim to warn david (). This is not successful on it"s own.

You should rewind () to the cutscene, e when he says "no an ext nosebleeds", you can now ask the for a final inquiry (to allow david time to importar in) and you have to ask for for "one critical picture" ().

FramedTake optional photograph #3 in episode 5: Polarized


Jefferson puts ns camera under near the door. Agora allow the to toque out and warn () david again. This equipe when he drops to a floor tell him to use the camera (). Nope he it s okay shot.

Rewind again back to a nosebleed conversation, select "some water?" (), and Jefferson will bring over the trolley with naquela bottle that water e give you naquela drink.

You importar more alternatives to indicate to david - you can try kicking ns table, grabbing the gun, grabbing ns bottle behind him (all ) - this won"t work.

If you desire to stop damaging david (Minor decision #1), then after friend "warn" that () you have to push the trolley with a water () in ~ Jefferson.

Finally, look at ns floor, there"s naquela cable, pull it () to knock naquela lamp to a floor and distract Jefferson allowing david to knock that out.

Now you estão free, you deserve to explore a dark room. There ser estar a bunch of points to look in ~ at, e you can falar to david (). Girlfriend will need to make part decisions as soon as talking to david (and the conversation will vary depending on what"s taken place so far) - you will have the option come tell him around Chloe or not as soon as he asks where she is. (Minor decision #2)

You now ser estar free to go and get ns photo são de Warren, you"ve already taken Jefferson"s car keys, so now leave ns dark room () to pegue his car.

Jefferson"s Car

When you importar up ns stairs you get a signal and call Warren, he tells you that he"s at the Two Whales diner com Joyce; therefore you vai in a car e tell him you"re coming there.

When you"re in ns car heading towards town, your phone buzzes with an answerphone message from Nathan. Oops, as well little, too late.


Driving v town is rather scary early to ns gigantic storm! ns way is blocked so you have to stop. As soon as you get out and head down ns road, be cautious of flying debris (you may need come rewind ).

There ~ ~ several civilization you can save together you andar towards a diner, e several an ext that ~ ~ sadly beyond saving.

The primeiro person girlfriend come throughout is a trucker (Minor decision #3) - you can assist him lado de fora () by lifting ns debris.You run into Evan going down the estrada as he it s okay hit in the head e dies (Minor decision #4), you need to rewind () e help him () avoid a flying debris. If he"s already dead once you get there, you have the right to still rewind () and save the ().You point out Alyssa in der destroyed structure on the right, der little rua after ns trucker (Minor decision #5) - if you"ve aided her loads prior to then you"ll should rewind after you falar to her together she presume something poor will happen and backs away, falling through the floor. You can use a plank () on ns left to a partir de help her down (then falar to her).The fisherman (Minor decision #6) in the shop quem gets electrocuted; watch below.

Head down ns road, and step over a pole ().

The route is blocked before you is agora blocked, you should enter a shop on ns left to compreendo past. But it is top top fire, for this reason you need to turn on the electricity to rotate on ns sprinklers. However, if you walk to ns fuse box and turn the on () immediately you electrocute the fisherman in ns next room. However, girlfriend can"t falar to him são de the lado you"re on. To conserve him you need leave ns fire out and head into ns room he is in. Climate rewind () to un-kill him, and talk come him (). Then skinny through the window to turn the fuses ~ above () and tell that to compreendo out the here. Now the fire is out and you have the right to head through the building around ns debris to importar to ns diner.

You can"t importar in ns front door, so friend head around to the side. However, together you approach the diner it explodes! Rewind (), yet obviously you cannot get in the lado door until you find naquela way come stop the fire.

Head back round to the front of a diner. Outside ns diner to ns right of the door is der container of sand. Use that to stop ns flames reaching a diner ().

Before you enter, look at to a left of the diner come see a dead whale (on fire) the you deserve to look at () e then take a photo the () - if isn"t coming up you may need to move around or longe until you"ve got the right angle.

Now head ago around to ns right of ns diner (you deserve to check porque o the homeless lady first - if you speak to her and warned she in previous episodes, climate she won"t be there) and enter the página door ().

When you compreendo inside ns diner, Warren e Joyce come to great you, frank is on a floor behind a counter (if he wasn"t eliminated in illustration 4).

You can talk to joyce (), e you deserve to tell her about how david saved your life.NOTE: If friend sided with Chloe and kicked david out of ns house in episode 3, then you will have the ability to convince cozinhando to believe in David novamente (Minor decision #7).

You have the right to also falar to franco (), the primeiro thing he asks is around Rachel - you have to decisão whether to tell him the truth or not (Minor decision #8). NOTE: obviously if you killed cândido in illustration 4 that wouldn"t be here.

You can also explore a diner a little, have naquela sit down to contemplate what"s happened e then talk to Warren (). He"s naquela little confused that you drove tudo the rua in a tornado for der photograph, so you tell him what is walking on and tudo de about your powers. You have the right to either tell him around Chloe and he will certainly say that going earlier in time caused the storm, or you deserve to say the you know that friend started a storm by using your powers.

Warren will certainly put the photo on a counter, you shot to focus on a photo (), yet Warren interrupts e you need to make naquela decision about what to do next: simply leave (), hug Warren () or kiss Warren () (Minor decision #9).

Then emphasis on ns photo () e use e to focus ns picture come go back to ns parking lot of before a party.

Parking many - Focus

You"re ago in the parking lot, and tackle hug Chloe. She then heads off to find Nathan, you prevent her and now you need to try and convince her of ns truth around Jefferson. You may need to rewind () if girlfriend can"t to convince her the o primeiro dia time.

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***Tell her:

Nathan is dead ()Jefferson hurt me ()Terrible selection ()David saved me ()

Once you"ve convinced her, you require to get her to tell david everything and catch up the alternate girlfriend (as you won"t remember). An additional photo transforming montage.


You come to on the costa with Chloe in the storm e she records you up. Together you walk to head increase to ns lighthouse com Chloe girlfriend black o fim again.


You estão back in the classroom again, at ns very beginning. Unexpectedly birds começo hitting a window, extending it in blood. Then a bell rings and the classroom is empty.

There ~ ~ photos of you about ns classroom, and stuff has actually subtly changed. Prior to you leave, make sure you look at a graffiti () on the desk são de before, a one são de Rachel. It changes, look in ~ it novamente (). It transforms again, and you will now be able come take a photo of the ().

Now head o fim of ns classroom, e Mr Jefferson will protect against you. Over there is now a very creepy conversation. Climate he disappears. You can now leave a classroom.

You ~ ~ suddenly in the girls" dormitories. You deserve to hear crying and you view Kate exterior her room crying at der memorial. You falar to her () and she will certainly berate you on a choice the you make either saving her or not; climate she opens the door to her room and falls.

Heading through any type of of ns doors will placed you ago in the same corridor, e will also cause a key to show up on the table in ns corridor on the right by a bathroom. Choose up ns key ().

Head through the door that matches a number on a key (), e you ser estar back in the corridor, yet you ser estar dressed in Rachel"s clothes. You have to figure o fim which door come head with next, look at the map on a wall to the right of ns entry door to find ns appropriate room.

Head v that door (), to enter ns corridor as Victoria. Use ns map novamente to figure fora the best door.

Go through the right door () and reappear as Max.

Before friend go through any more doors, walk down ns corridor (on ns right) wherein you found a key, look fora of ns window (which is now open) and take a photo of a really big squirrels ().

The follow a deer into ns bathroom ().

You are now in the nightmare maze mundo in der gallery. There estão multiple Jefferson"s the you need to avoid, you have the right to rewind () each time you estão spotted to avoid him. You must head towards a lighthouse, but primeiro you must go through the gallery maze. Ns exit is on ns right of wherein you started, however behind der few walls, once you escape, head in the direction of to the school parking lot area. You"ll have to sneak behind the poster to avoid the spotlights. As soon as you make your rua through, you are in naquela maze that lockers with more creepy characters (including the headmaster and Samuel).

To find ns photo you need to head over to the right, guarda heading right around tudo the lockers (avoiding Samuel), and on a very borda you"ll find Warren"s locker, you should open it first () and then you deserve to take naquela photo () of a inside.

Then head towards a lighthouse novamente to vai into a junkyard área with Frank and a bunch of cars. You will certainly spot bottles. Walk round in naquela clockwise direction to choose up tudo 5 of castle (), they estão pretty much out in ns open, just don"t sit on a bench by the lighthouse until you"ve discovered them all. The bottles estão placed in four corners, ~ above the vermelho cars. Ns last party is in der small room with a chair (Rachel and Chloe"s den). E se you have tudo of castle (you will certainly comment the you saltar this is ns last one), head towards ns lighthouse, opposite ns bench is naquela ledge with todos the collected bottles, and you deserve to take naquela photo () that them.

Now sit down on a bench by the lighthouse ().

As ns scene spins you are suddenly inside a snow world in Chloe"s house earlier when her dad (William) is alive, right prior to he leaves to die. Friend will additionally get der text a partir de him (


Then you are back in a dark room in what looks prefer pyjamas. Now various personalities appear e their conversations ~ ~ like something lado de fora of a paranoid nightmare. Tudo de of them ser estar centred approximately Chloe, with Jefferson, Warren, Nathan, Victoria and sometimes her alone.

Then you ~ ~ in der bathroom, look at at the lock () on ns door e there is der digital code you need to guess. The walls estão covered in numbers, yet if girlfriend look in a mirror only 1 code is reflected. Use the lock to enter the code () (Use a come enter a number and to use it).

*** Spoiler - click to expose ***You check out 1130, you will require to go into it backwards together it is naquela reflection. So go into 0311

Then you have the right to open ns door (), to walk into the Two Whales diner. Everybody is there in der weird tableaux. Head end to the table that you satellite at com Chloe, and talk to the Max sitting there (). Chloe will enter during a conversation.

Now you"re in the car, reliving a earlier conversation with Chloe. Climate you estão outside the car looking in.

Follow the rua as that winds roughly through small tableaux of a past week, stop at every scene to have it play out, no interactions required.

Head towards a lighthouse, up the hill.


When you vai to the fim of a road, you capture up come yourself e Chloe help you up towards the lighthouse.

You and Chloe know that the storm was ns result of the changes that you"ve made, that started com her conserving Chloe. Chloe then hands you the photo that the azul butterfly são de the bathroom the you took right before Chloe was shot. Chloe argues that girlfriend goes ago to to the beginning e undo it all. You ser estar the only one who have the right to make the decision.

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You ~ ~ then presented with the somente major decision in the game: Sacrifice Chloe (), or Sacrifice Arcadia somente (). (#1)

Then whichever her decision, watch o fim the duram cutscene come unlock the último achievement (you have the right to rewind this to see ns other ending () or if you mudança your mind).