This week, Instagram Lite, a lightest variation of the sociedade network, arrived in Brazil. A edition, i m sorry at primeiro will be obtainable only ao Android, will certainly “weigh” only 2MB, that is, 93% much less than the original app.

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The novo version, developed by a team em ~ Facebook in Tel Aviv (Israel), it will advantage inaudavoxx.coming cell phones with weaker networks, such together 2G e 3G. “We developed these lightweight version of our applications for people with low connectivity or limited encontro plans. Ours premise is audavoxx.come leave no one behind, ”said Tzach Hadar, manager of Product management at on facebook in Tel Aviv. "We wanted a Instagram endure to stay fast, with alto quality and reliable, nevertheless of ns device, audavoxx.communication or rede that people were on," that added.

To acaudavoxx.complish satisfactory potência with such der small size, ns team coordinated by Hadar concentrated on the services most valued by users: publishing images and videos in ns Feed and in the Stories. She additionally used a code she created ao the facebook Lite few years ago. Lot of this code ser estar transferred to naquela space in a cloud, which made the app lighter.

What are the differences between Instagram and Instagram Lite?


The illustration of original application foi ~ maintained in ns Lite version, however, audavoxx.come ensure a lighter platform, some features were removed. Navigating through the batten remained ns same, but the IGTV options, Reels and Instagram Shopping estão not available.

For IGTV (videos much longer than uma minute) ns developers made it feasible to watch der preview of ns content, when Reels may arrive at a Lite application soon.

The Instagram Lite feed has changed em ~ the original version. Picture: olhar Digital

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The exclusive messaging device is current in both apps, however in the originais version the is possible to send audios e make video e voice calls. Lite, on the other hand, resembles a function of naquela few years earlier that apenas um allowed the exchange of message messages.

Direct Lite variation missed audio e video calls. Image: assistir Digital


The opportunity of resides (live videos) is not accessible in the novo version. Stories estão present, however, with naquela series the restrictions. Lite users will no be able to usar filters, GIFs, music, polls, countdowns or question boxes, tools that make momentary videos more attractive.

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Stories in the novo app have actually fewer editing and enhancing options. Image: câmara municipal Digital

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