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Nonstop journey time

How far is a distance between Angra no Reis e Rio de Janeiro? ns direct drive são de Angra dos Reis, Brazil to fluviais de Janeiro, Brazil is 103 miles or 165 km, e should have a drive equipe of 2 hours in normal traffic.

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Angra no Reis to fluxo de janeiro drive equipe with breaks

Driving são de Angra no Reis to rio de janeiro takes around 2 hrs if you do it nonstop, and given the it's simply 2 hours, you most likely can são de it in uma go there is no issues.

If you want to avoid along a way, though, there ser estar definitely amazing sights come see! Take a look at ns best stop on a Angra no Reis to rio de janeiro drive para some inspiration.

What cities ~ ~ between Angra a partir de Reis e Rio de Janeiro?

If you're reasoning of driving between Angra dos Reis and Rio de Janeiro and thinking of staying naquela night, it's worth looking at naquela few the the cities that ser estar on ns route. The most popular cidades to stop between Angra dos Reis and Rio de Janeiro ~ ~ Petropolis and $Niteroi. Petropolis is the most popular city on the route — it's 2 hours em ~ Angra são de Reis e less 보다 an hour from rio de Janeiro.

Going back? How far is fluxo de Janeiro em ~ Angra dos Reis?

Honestly, that shouldn't different by too much, yet if you're curious about a drive back, check fora the reverse directions to check out how longe Angra a partir de Reis is from fluxo de janeiro .

On your trip a partir de Angra são de Reis to fluviais de Janeiro, protect against by Petropolis e Niteroi! Make sure to visit Petropolis, a most popular cidade on ns route, e see Petropolis's acima de attractions like fábrica de cerveja Bohemia, sublime Museum, e Museu casa de santos Dumont.

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Petrópolis is a Brazilian cidade north of fluviais de Janeiro. Bordering ns Serra a partir de Órgãos nacional Park, com its forested peaks e waterfalls, it’s recognized as naquela mountain retreat for fluxo residents. In a center, the imperial Museum displays period furnishings in the former palace of 19th-century emperor sol Pedro II. Nearby, the huge São pedro de Alcântara Cathedral houses a mausoleum of ns emperor e his wife.