There ~ ~ 7 means to get em ~ São paul to Belo Horizonte by bus, rideshare, car or plane

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São paulo to Belo Horizonte through bus

the bus journey time between são Paulo and Belo Horizonte is about 9h 21m e covers a distance of around 360 miles. A fastest bus normally takes 9h. Operated by Viação Cometa and Gontijo, the São paulo to Belo Horizonte bus organization departs from Sao pólo - Tiete and arrives in Belo Horizonte. Typically 37 buses run weekly, return weekend e holiday schedules have the right to vary so check in advance.

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São paulo to Belo Horizonte bus schedule

Viação cometas
Viação cometa
Viação cometas
Viação cometas
Viação cometa

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The cheapest caminho to get em ~ São paulo to Belo Horizonte is to bus which prices $14-$35 e takes 9h 10m.

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The quickest caminho to get a partir de São pólo to Belo Horizonte is to paris which prices $30-$210 e takes 4h 41m.

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Yes, over there is naquela direct bus departing são de Sao paul - Tiete and arriving in ~ Belo Horizonte. Solutions depart five times naquela day, and operate every day. The journey takes about 9h 10m.

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The street between são Paulo e Belo Horizonte is 306 miles. The estrada distance is 365.3 miles.

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The best way to get from São paulo to Belo Horizonte without naquela car is to bus i m sorry takes 9h 10m e costs $14-$35.

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The bus em ~ Sao paulo - Tiete to Belo Horizonte bring away 9h 10m consisting of transfers e departs 5 times der day.

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São paul to Belo Horizonte bus services, activate by Viação Cometa, depart from Sao paulo - Tiete station.

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The best caminho to get from São paul to Belo Horizonte is come bus i beg your pardon takes 9h 10m e costs $14-$35. Alternatively, you deserve to fly, which costs $40-$210 and takes 4h 44m.

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The quickest flight em ~ Sao Paulo airport to Belo Horizonte Confins airport is ns direct flight which bring away 1h 5m.

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São pólo to Belo Horizonte bus services, activate by Viação Cometa, come at Belo Horizonte station.