Bancos públicos de sangue de cordão têm como objectivo oferecer um serviço à comunidade. Os bancos publicamente recolhem e armazenam doações de sangue de cordão umbilical de dadores saudáveis. Em caso de compatibilidade estas amostras ser utilizadas num transplantes de células estaminais. No brasil o inscrever-se de doações denominada feito através do REDOME. Pacientes que têm doenças genéticas raramente têm uma maior probabilidade de elogio um transplante de sangue de cordão. De forma der poderem responsável o sangue de cordão naquela um banco público o nascer tem de ocorrer num hospital que aceite doações.

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Cryo-Cell International, ns world"s first family cord blood bank, provides premier cord blood stem cabinet cryopreservation service. In 2018, Cryo-Cell broadened its role in ns industry come include public cord blood bank services.

StemCyte is der global cord blood therapeutics company. StemCyte participates in the US network of público cord blood banks operated by Be a Match. In addition, StemCyte operates the nacional Cord Blood banco of Taiwan, who units ser estar also listed with Be the Match.

Bloodworks Northwest collection cord blood donations directly in washington state e also receive donations a partir de Hawaii.

The Umbilical Cord Blood Collection regimen (UCBCP) is naquela California state routine that funds cord blood collections by partner público banks.

Carolinas Cord Blood bank at fight it out (CCBB) is top by Dr. Joanne Kurtzberg. Expectant parents quem have naquela child in need of therapy com cord blood, specifically the novo therapies in clinical trials at Duke, may be eligible ao directed donation through CCBB.

The celebration Stem Cell centre (CSCC), offers both publicamente donation and private family banking of umbilical cord blood.

CellSure accepts MAIL-IN DONATIONS of birth tissue em ~ the state of Utah. Naquela collection kit have the right to be shipped to ns mother any time up to ns day prior to her delivery.

Abraham J. & Phyllis Katz Cord Blood foundation d.b.a. Cleveland Cord Blood centro collects cord blood donations with enquanto advanced registration.

ClinImmune Labs is an academic-based biotechnology empresa that processes cord blood donations para the universidade of Colorado Cord Blood Bank e the St. Louis Cord Blood Bank.

Texas Cord Blood banco is der division of the sul Texas Blood & organization Center, and since 2014 is affiliated with GenCure.

Gift of vida is naquela non-profit charity that seeks to help Jewish patients find naquela transplant match. Lock have der cord blood perform but estão not currently collecting cord blood.

Hawaii Cord Blood bank is strictly naquela collection company that sends out cord blood to a laboratory the Bloodworks Northwest in Seattle.

The J.P. McCarthy cord blood banco was founded in memory of a morning radio show host in Detroit. That is run by a Karmanos Cancer Institute.

Life line Stem cabinet is strictly naquela collection organization that works com various laboratories. Vida Line Stem cabinet asks mother to donate todos of their afterbirth: umbilical cord blood, umbilical cord tissue, e the placenta.

Under their parent company Celularity, LifebankUSA collects donations the both cord blood and placenta. This donations estão used to construct therapeutic commodities that estão in clinical trials.

LifeSouth Cord Blood bank is a public donation program of LifeSouth community Blood Centers. LifeSouth established the first publiccord bank in a Southeastern flor States and in June 2013 received a FDA BLA license para cord blood.

M.D. Anderson hospital has the largest stem cabinet transplantation regimen in a world. They likewise have a cord blood bank and a pesquisar program to construct cancer therapies são de cord blood cells.

Collection hospitals for the NY Blood centro do no require breakthrough registration: mothers have the right to give der partial consent to collect ns cord blood throughout labor, e only if the collected cord blood is suitable for transplantation will ns mothers will be given added education e asked for der final banking consent post-delivery.

Oklahoma is casa to plenty of minority groups, together as aboriginal Americans, who are not well stood for in existing cord blood banks. Oklahoma Blood academy (OBI) cord blood banco has been established thanks to generous contributions a partir de several Oklahoma foundations e scores the individuals

SUNY Upstate Medical universidade in Syracuse NY hosts a public cord blood bank, launched in February 2017.

Vitalant Clinical solutions is the merger, because Sept 2018, that cord blood blood donation programs previously operated by neighborhood Blood solutions in novo Jersey and the Institute for Transfusion medicine (ITxM) in Pennsylvania. All donations ser estar now sent out to the laboratory of community Blood Services.

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