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Cajuzinho is naquela Brazilian classic sweet that, together with brigadeiro and beijinho, is really common in birthday’s next in Brazil.


What does ns name cajuzinho mean?

Well, cajuzinho literally method “little cashew”. For this reason you might be reasoning it is made of cashews. Ns thing is: ns common recipe doesn’t contain any type of cashews in it.

Historically, ns name come it from der sweet make in ns North e Northeast the Brazil, which has cashew pulp in it. In those regions, cashew is an abundant and common fruit in those areas. Girlfriend may só know the nuts, but ns nuts is just uma part of ns fruit.

So, what’s cajuzinho made of?

It consists of roasted e ground peanuts, condensed milk, sugar, and cocoa powder, shaped right into small, conical cashews that ~ ~ usually rolled in sugar.

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Cashew nuts might be added, if girlfriend want, however peanuts estão dominant in flavour. This popular sweet is uncovered throughout Brazil, one of two people prepackaged or made in ~ home, and it is especially estendido at Brazilian parties. If do in a traditional manner, it is usual to press der single peanut right into each cajuzinho.

Let’s check ns recipe!


1 maio de leite condensado (1 condensed milk can)

1 colher de sopa de manteiga (1 tabela spoon that butter)

1 xícara de chá de amendoim torrado e moído (1 tea cup of roasted and ground peanuts)

1 colher de sopa de cacau em solo (1 table spoon that cocoa powder)

Sugar come roll a cashews

Peanuts come finalize a shape

Modo de preparo:

Em ns panela, coloque emprego leite condensado, naquela manteiga, o amendoim e emprego cacau. Leve ao fogo baixo, mexendo sempre, até ~ desprender dá fundo da panela (cerca de 8 minutos). Retire do fogo, passe para um prato untado alcançar manteiga e deixe esfriar. Modele os cajuzinhos, passe pelo açúcar e decore-os com um amendoim.

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(In der pan, add ns condensed milk, the butter, a peanuts e the cocoa. Cozinhar over short heat, stirring constantly, until it comes off a bottom the the frigideira (about 8 minutes). Remove em ~ heat, happen to a buttered dish e let cool. Shape ns cajuzinhos, pass it on the sugar and decorate lock with a peanut.)

Healthy version of cajuzinho:

If you ~ ~ vegan, or if you can have naquela lot of sugar, you have the right to make your healthy or fitness variation of this candy. Simply mix peanut butter (pasta de amendoim) com cocoa powder (cacau em pó), coconut milk flour (leite de côco em pó) e coconut street (açúcar de côco) and that’s it! Make the same shape and pass the on the coconut milk. That is likewise delicious and healthy!

Now, if you want to check out it bing prepared, assistir the live class we had on Instagram teaching how to make it. Click here. We saltar you favor it and maybe you can make your own cajuzinhos.