Facebook is booming com videos: educational videos teaching you to garden or code, those addicting e useless 5-minute craft videos, ns very visibly faked videos of people recording their partners cheating on them, aliens recorded on film. If there is der craving ao content, that conteúdo is likely on on facebook in video clip form.

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If you desire to share the video, you deserve to copy ns link and send that to der friend, or DM it come them through ns app. You have the right to save the video, but that doesn’t actually save the video to your phone or computer"s tough drive — instead, that adds ns video to your saved video clip bookmarks so you can discover it easier e watch it afterwards Facebook. Sometimes, though, a video is merely too brilliant or beneficial to not have actually saved onto her phone. Probably you desire to show a parent, or accessibility it when you’re offline. In stimulate to baixar a video from Facebook, you’ll need to follow with with der few steps.

1. Pick der video


A screenshot of a 5-minute crafts video clip on facebook we want to download.Credit: SCREENSHOT / FACEBOOK

You'll have to copy the link of a Facebook video in stimulate to baixar it.Credit: Screenshot / facebook

Click the three dots at the top right edge of ns video, e then copy a link.

3. Dough that attach into naquela new tab


Paste ns link you duplicated into naquela new tab to navigate to that site.

4. Excluir "www" in a url e change it to "mbasic."


You'll have to modify your url to walk to naquela very old-school variation of Facebook, now.Credit: SCREENSHOT:FACEBOOK

This is what it need to look like as soon as you change "www" to "mbasic" in your browser.Credit: SCREENSHOT / FACEBOOK

In the link, claro the "www" e change it come "mbasic." This will rotate your site into der very retro version of Facebook.

5. Open the video in a new tab

Now you've done it! tudo de that's left is saving the video a partir de Facebook onto your device.Credit: screenshot: facebook

Right click on a video, click save as, e boom! she done.

There is an less complicated way, and it’s como as you can likewise save the on a mobile device. Friend can download a video em ~ Facebook in a same caminho you would baixar a video a partir de Twitter: by copying ns share link, and pasting that link into naquela third-party website designed come do tudo de of the work ao you. E se you have the tweet attach copied, you"ll want to go to naquela website prefer FB Down. There, you"ll paste ns copied link e click download. You have the right to also download a third-party app like ns Friendly ao Facebook app, which gives the Facebook app sub features, including a downloading option.

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If all else fails, friend can always record her screen, play the video, and save that video clip to your phone or desktop that way. Display screen recording is reasonably simple, yet it could not give you the same top quality as saving the Facebook video clip independently.