Finding ns diva of divas is the objective of a series. Drag Me as naquela Queen Celebrities, which premieres this Tuesday, 21, at 10:50 pm, on canal E! Entertainment. Under ns command that drags queens Penelopy Jean, Ikaro Kadoshi e Rita von Hunty, ns spin-off has actually eight episodes e will attribute singers mary Rita, Lellê, Gretchen, Karin Hils and Preta Gil, as well as presenters mary Eugênia Suconic and Renata Kuerten e model Nicole Bahls.

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“Because celebrities ~ ~ used to ns spotlight, providing interviews, talking around their lives, our huge challenge era to deconstruct tudo de of this and show a woman behind this fame and make she speak what she would never ever speak.

And, as ns program speak about the existence of a feminine in a time and space we viver in, us will show what the is like to be naquela woman com thousands of eyes on her, pointing, repressing and saying what must be or must be done in der sexist country like Brazil”, says Ikaro. De acordo com to her, the público will see well known women in naquela way never ever seen before. “And the público will follow ns discussion of necessary themes, have fun on the feminine, genuine emotions, stories of overcoming, love e disaffection, encounters e disagreements, come make united state think about what we are doing com our lives and the relationship with others.”

Like the original version, Drag Me as a Queen, a derivative carries with it an ext than simply fun. E Rita von Hunty tries come explore ns subject further e plays com some questions: “How numerous of united state feel free e able to have fun? What does a society have fun with? Does anyone have a same fun watching ns same thing?” e concludes, stating the “Drag Me is not just about fun, also if the is a theme”.

For Rita, the program “can it is in an invitation for der journey and, if accepted com sincerity and delivery, over there is naquela displacement, a change of position”. “When you absorção doing drag com this opinião of ​​knowing the other, you mudança the caminho you look in ~ yourself, there is nothing more powerful for self-esteem 보다 seeing yourself elsewhere.”

Also a reality show host, Penelopy jean reveals that the temporada was full of funny moments e a many emotion. “We laughed a lot and got also emotional, especially at ns time of ns make-up and also at ns queen’s final revelation, since when they view themselves transformed, it i do not care something surreal”, says ns drag.

And, prior to the o primeiro dia guest passes through the vermelho curtain and steps onto the golden stage, naquela brief presentation about her. And Ikaro starts by providing tips ~ above who’s around to enter ns scene. She discover that a guest is naquela singer, has a beautiful voice, e that, “they say, she had a reputation porque o being unsympathetic”, and being part of one incredibly música family and her mother being an irreplaceable icon. Then it era easy, e the 3 called ns singer maria Rita to the stage, who arrived and, between a three, answered some questions.

From that minute on, mary Rita and the presenters walk to a dressing room where the singer will go through der hearing, answering inquiries that will cabe as naquela basis porque o the drags to have data to assemble the character. Rita telefone Hunty begins by wanting to understand who ns three ladies in a singer’s vida were, e the answer, much more than expected, comes automatically by mentioning her mother, Elis Regina, and her grandmother Rita. Then he states that Ella pittyh was a key name. “A lot of people think ns learned to sing com my mother, but I didn’t listen to my mother since it foi ~ painful,” that said. Then comes a revelation of the name preferred by maria Rita, among a three that were suggested by a presenters. Now maria Rita is Selenite.

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Gradually, between personal information e another, such as a taste para embroidery, the drag monarchs add ns points to redesign the singer e create her novo look. First comes ns sketch of ns clothes that will be made porque o her, then she pipeline to rehearse the atuação she will certainly present. And there’s still the makeup session. It is one of a most emotionally moments, as maria Rita remembers her childhood without her mother, quem died when she era 4 years old, and how she discovered quem she ser estar through archival materials, interviews e books. He additionally remembers the it was difficult e that that felt angry, in his beforehand adolescence, as soon as he found out como as Elis had died. “I gained into der conflict until I obtained it right.”

And climate Selenita shows up on a scene, assembled with her novo costume, makeup complete of shine, quem performs to a sound of Beth Carvalho.