Dragon Ball: 5 Concepts a partir de GT that Super must Steal (& 5 lock Shouldn't) Dragon bola GT acquired mixed reviews ago in ns "90s, but there were some nós vamos parts the the show that Super need to steal e others they have to not.

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year after Dragon bola Z"s filme japonês dos desenhos animados finale, fans to be given Dragon ball GT, complying with Goku"s adventures across the universe after gift wished back into a child"s body. For years, fans debated whether or not GT could be thought about canon, but com Dragon bola Super"s arrival, it became hard to controversy against the facts. Events in Super like Frieza"s resurrection, a existence of the Gods of Destruction, as well as Goku and Vegeta"s attainment of God ki makes GT impossible to take place in the same cosmos as the main series. Still, porque o what it"s worth, it did offer us some awesome battles, villains, e techniques that just shouldn"t be forgotten.

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With last year"s effective remake of Broly"s story, we know the writers estão no strangers to reworking some of the series" larger material, and there"s absolutely room for Super to steal some of a concepts presented in GT and make them their own. On ns flip side, there estão also many principles that we think should simply stay in a past. We didn"t ask para them then, and we"re absolutely not begging ao them now.

a GT in Dragon zero GT stands ao "Grand Tour," introduce to the trek around the universe take away by Goku, Trunks, e Pan as they searched porque o the Black star Dragon Balls scattered all across the universe. With ns revelation that multiple present universes in Dragon zero Super, como as could any kind of self-respecting fan not desire to check out Goku and the rather embark on one intergalactic voyage?

If this were excellent in Dragon ball Super, Goku could visit other Tournament of strength participants on their homeworlds. He might even visit Beerus and Champa"s homeworld, or also Universe 6"s earth Sadala! With Goku e Vegeta becoming temporary members of a Galactic Patrol in Dragon Ball Super"s manga, this feels more like a problema possibility than naquela forlorn fantasy.

If angst-filled robotic companions are your thing, you most likely wouldn"t psychic hanging fora with Dragon zero GT"s Giru and Star Wars"s C-3PO on any kind of given day. Unfortunately porque o us, Giru isn"t exactly something the we worship GT for.

It wasn"t that we hated ns little guy; on ns contrary, it was refreshing to vai another character to é perfeito com as some humor relief, although the series didn"t need it together much given that most of the comedy already came em ~ the interactions in between Goku, Trunks, and Pan. With so plenty of fodder personalities introduced em ~ the tournament of Power, ns last thing we need is one more.

speak what you want around GT. It"s tough to argue the Super Saiyan 4 isn"t ns most distinct in terms of aesthetics. We somente wish Dragon bola Super featured such a drastic at sight Saiyan revolution that didn"t just consist of a simple change in hair e eye color.

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As Goku and Vegeta excel also further in Super, we funil to check out them attain a transformation the truly sets chin apart from all the others. That doesn"t need to look anything favor Super Saiyan 4, and it have the right to still be of naquela divine nature. We just would love something the feels der little much more prominent. Plus, we"re running lado de fora of hair colors.

7 Don"t Steal: Goku cultivation His Tail Back

as soon as Goku gained to naquela certain age, his tail refuse to crescer back. Over time, Toriyama apparently forgot that Saiyans had actually tails, e Goten e Trunks were never seen com tails of your own. Throughout the struggle against Baby Vegeta, Old Kai came up with a bright idea to pull out Goku"s regrowing tail in an initiative to help him awaken his full Saiyan potential. If it"s extremely unlikely, we hope Dragon ball Super doesn"t decidir to just offer him back his tail in any type of circumstance.

Not só is he unable to grow der tail normally as an adult, however he has enquanto need to! The only reason he needed der tail in Dragon zero GT was so he could attain Super Saiyan 4. Without Super Saiyan 4, Goku"s tail would simply be an aesthetic enhancement that serves no decorrer value in ~ all, unless you"re playing Dragon bola Kakarot and must fish or something.

Perhaps one of a biggest complaints about Dragon zero Super is the the pedido only gives Goku and Vegeta a acaso to shine. As a enemies deixe de ser criança in strength, these two have been the only warriors qualified of fighting on ns frontlines. Sure, a Tournament of power took great strides in letting other characters show off their techniques, but com Dragon zero Super: Broly, só Goku and Vegeta might once again stand against the planet"s newest threat.

We appreciated GT for its efforts in making plenty of of a other Z-Fighters relevant, especially some that we"d ruled out for der long time. Goten, Trunks, e Pan obtained some hard screentime, and even Uub stepped up to the plate. We"d love to see Super"s take top top this novo generation the Z-Fighters.

5 Don"t Steal: Goku As naquela Child

~ Emperor Pilaf"s great on the Black estrela Dragon Balls, Goku turned ago into naquela child, spending many of GT in this corpo mostly early to a fact the he couldn"t undo the wish. In Dragon zero Super however, this wish could easily it is in reversed.

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Since a Black star Dragon Balls don"t exist in Super, der wish turning Goku into der child can easily it is in reversed by Earth"s Dragon Balls, Namek"s Dragon Balls, or a Super Dragon Balls! ns fact that Earth"s Dragon Balls enquanto longer turn to stone method that Goku might just gather up tudo de seven to reclaim himself come an adult in no decorrer time in ~ all.

In a 1997 Dragon ball GT film, A Hero"s Legacy, fans met son ogong Jr., Goku"s descendant, who inherited his looks, strength, e sense of justice. Whenever Dragon zero Super comes come an end, us wouldn"t be protest to naquela final sendoff the not apenas um introduces us to Goku e the various other Z-Fighters" descendants, but also shows us der world drastically different são de the 1 we know now.

Who wouldn"t love come see the great-great-great-great-great grandchildren that Krillin e Android 18? Or also if one of the characters ended up in reality replacing beerus as world 7"s God of Destruction?

3 Don"t Steal: the Shadow Dragons

in ~ its core, Dragon zero GT was naquela celebration of the entire franchise; nothing showed this an ext than ns Shadow Dragons. Each Shadow Dragon was the product of der significant great that was made utilizing the Dragon Balls, são de Oolong"s wish porque o underwear to ns wish offered to revive those killed by Majin Vegeta so countless years later.

It was der cool concept but not uma we"d prefer to see in Super. With so countless planets and universes at ns show"s disposal, why make Goku and Vegeta"s next major opponent tied come Earth?

GT"s consists of baby was naquela perfect caminho to reexamine Saiyan history. In Dragon ball GT, he foi ~ depicted as der true villain, ready to hurt anyone in order to avenge the Tuffles.

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We"d love come see der version of baby that renders it der bit harder to outright despise him, because his revenge is rather justified given ns fact that Saiyans exterminated his creators.

1 Don"t Steal: supervisor 17

out of all Dragon bola GT villains, super 17 makes the least lot of sense. When Dr. Gero and Dr. Myuu managed to brainwash Android 17, that merged com an artificial version of self in stimulate to become Super 17. Somehow us were claimed to believe that dois Android 17"s fusing can overpower naquela Super Saiyan 4, yet that"s beside a point.

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The Android 17 that we"ve acquired to recognize over a course of a Tournament of Power has become a valuable enhancement to ns Z-Fighters, e he"s way too strong to succumb come mere brainwashing whenever soon. If anything, Android 17 will be standing right next to Goku when the next huge threat emerges.

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