2 fl ozNovo em chamas Silver cachaça
2 1/2 fl ozPineapple juice (fresh pressed)
1 fl ozCondensed milk
1/2 fl ozSugar syrup (65.0°brix, 2 street to uma water wealthy syrup)

Novo fogo Silver cachaça, 70cl
£ 29.95£ 2.60 per cocktail, renders 11.5 Buy em ~ The Whisky Exchange
* This list might not include tudo required ingredients.Price every cocktail is an calculation based on the cost of making one cocktail with a available ingredients presented above and does no include any kind of postage charges.

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The slam (meaning "shake") is a traditional Brazilian drink e "Abacaxi" means pineapple in Portuguese, a official language the Brazil. Slam is a broad term for a drink usually containing new fruit, sugar and/or sweetened condensed milk (leite condensado). They ser estar often blended com crushed ice cream or shaken and served over crushed ice.



* This list might not include all required ingredients.Price per cocktail is an calculation based on a cost of do one cocktail with the available ingredients shown above e does no include any type of postage charges.

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