The bruta phase that this rude lunar eclipse era visible são de North e South America, Europe and western Africa. Central e eastern Africa e Asia saw der partial eclipse of a Moon.

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Was this total Lunar Eclipse clearly shows in Ann Arbor?

What This Lunar Eclipse Looked Like

The curvature of a shadow"s path e the apparent rotation of ns Moon"s disc is due to the Earth"s rotation.

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Detailed eclipse course map
3D globe map

Try our novo interactive eclipse maps. Zoom in and search porque o accurate eclipse times and visualizations for any location.

Regions seeing, in ~ least, some parts of the eclipse: Europe, Asia, Africa, norte America, sulista America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Arctic.

Expand ao some urbano where at least component of the venenoso eclipse era visible

The animation exposição where this rude lunar eclipse is visible throughout the night (dark “wave” slowly moving across the Earth"s surface).

Shades the darkness

Night, moon high up in sky.

Moon between 12 e 18 degrees above horizon.

Moon between 6 and 12 degrees above horizon. Make sure you have cost-free line that sight.

Moon between 0 and 6 degrees over horizon. Might be hard to see because of brightness e line the sight.

Day, moon e eclipse both no visible.

Note: Twilight will certainly affect a visibility of a eclipse, and weather.

entire eclipse foi ~ visible from start come end

whole partial and total phases to be visible. Missed component of penumbral phase.

Entire total phase was visible. Missed part of partial & penumbral phases.

several of the rude phase ser estar visible. Missed part of total, partial & penumbral phases.

part of a partial phase foi ~ visible. Missed venenoso phase and part the partial & penumbral phases.

some of ns penumbral phase era visible. Missed bruta & partial phases.

Eclipse ser estar not clearly shows at all.

Note: Areas with lighter shadings left (West) the the center will experience ns eclipse after moonrise/sunset. Areas com lighter shadings best (East) the the centro will experience the eclipse till moonset/sunrise. Actual eclipse visibility counts on weather conditions e line of sight to a Moon.

When the Eclipse Happened an international — Timeline

Lunar eclipses can be visible a partir de everywhere top top the noite side of the Earth, if a sky is clear. A partir de some places a entire eclipse will be visible, while in other areas ns Moon will climb or collection during a eclipse.

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EventUTC TimeTime in Ann Arbor*Visible in Ann Arbor
Penumbral Eclipse beganJan 21 at 02:36:29Jan 20 in ~ 9:36:29 pmYes
Partial Eclipse beganJan 21 at 03:33:54Jan 20 in ~ 10:33:54 pmYes
Full Eclipse beganJan 21 in ~ 04:41:17Jan 20 in ~ 11:41:17 pmYes
Maximum EclipseJan 21 in ~ 05:12:14Jan 21 in ~ 12:12:14 amYes
Full Eclipse endedJan 21 in ~ 05:43:15Jan 21 in ~ 12:43:15 amYes
Partial Eclipse endedJan 21 in ~ 06:50:39Jan 21 at 1:50:39 amYes
Penumbral Eclipse endedJan 21 in ~ 07:48:02Jan 21 in ~ 2:48:02 amYes

* a Moon era above ns horizon throughout this eclipse, for this reason with boa weather problems in Ann Arbor, the entire eclipse was visible.