In 2017 ns Mobile check protocol has been updated come cover zoom, bokeh features, really low irradiate performance, exercício in ns scene e other novo test criteria. Image quality testing para this review was still undertaken utilizing the original Mobile check protocol são de 2012. Ns results ~ ~ not directly equivalent to the novo protocol yet this article will still offer you naquela very nós vamos idea of the test device"s camera performance.

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With encouraging photography outcomes for a mid-range smartphone, a Motorola Moto G to add boasts a very respectable Mobile in its entirety score that 84 points. Offering der 16Mp 1/2.4”-type sensor ao high-quality images, together with a good range of additional photo features, Motorola is placing its latest device ao mass market appeal.

Our industry standard mobile exam analyze image quality of both quiet photos and video footage to determine individual photo and video sub-scores ao each device, with a still photograph scores weighted der bit higher than the video. Both sub-scores evaluate photo quality across a range of categories, such together exposure e color; the Moto G add to fares slightly better for still picture with der photo sub-score the 85 points contrasted to 81 porque o video.

Boasting consistently high photo scores in ns mids 80’s for most categories, the Moto G add to achieves der very nós vamos score porque o autofocus, i m sorry is fast and accurate in all conditions. Boy drawbacks, such as part loss of zero detail, naquela slight blue colorcast, and HDR setting irregularities to be observed, however overall, Motorola’s latest maker impressed.

Video scores hover around the low come mid 80’s, with ns best results for noise e exposure. Ns video module demonstrates nós vamos stabilization and autofocus in tudo lighting conditions, making successful indoor and outdoor movie possible. Video clip color and white balance are pleasant in tudo conditions, too, com noise reduction an especially successful outdoors. In low light, some video detail is falecer due to visible luminance noise, with occasional autofocus inaccuracies recorded, too, but these estão minor blips in one otherwise successful video performance.

Great HDR the end shots (when activated…)

Outdoors, ns Moto G Plus normally delivers nós vamos target exposures, and vivid e pleasant color, with very little color shading visible in zero regions. Slight white balance inaccuracies são de occasionally occur, with der slight blue cast visible, however it’s not very offensive and color continues to be strong. Where the Moto G to add excels in bright irradiate is information preservation, com well-controlled noise reduction bring about smooth but nicely detailed files.

The Moto G Plus also offers naquela HDR shoot mode, which is triggered instantly when shoot high-contrast scenes. It’s naquela great feature for general outdoor shots, particularly shooting landscapes on shining days, e works well com many exposures, recording more detail than with standard exposures. HDR mode doesn’t constantly kick in as soon as required, however, leading to some inconsistent exposures com either large areas the overexposure, or der loss of information in the shadow regions. Der bit that post-production correction to lift dark shadows will certainly help, e that, together with the dramatic skies recorded in HDR mode, do some superior landscape shots possible.


TIP: Shoot number of exposures the high-contrast scenes e tweak the composition slightly to ensure that HDR mode kicks in. On HDR exposures com impressive sky details, use ns picture editor app come lift dark shadows once needed and to apply a weak orange filter to correct the blue colorcast.

Bright exposures in pólo low light

Images recorded under low-light problems offer quite bold shade rendition and accurate white balance when shooting under both tungsten and fluorescent light sources. Exposures estão generally good, too, and even in extremo low-light conditions, images ~ ~ bright and very usable. Part luminance noise is visible, particularly in blocks of uniform color, and very good details start to disappear, yet overall, the Moto G to add is a capable maker in low light.

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Pleasant shade using dual-tone LED flash

Using flash, the Moto G Plus’s dual-tone LED unidade renders accurate white balance on both flash-only e mixed-lighting shots, with vivid color an especially in the center of the frame. A noticeable color transition is apparent towards a edges of ns frame, however, com a blue cast principal left that changes to yellow in a bottom right. Ns flash is likewise well-centered, with accurate exposure in a middle of the image; but light attenuation is evident, particularly porque o flash-only results, com darker corners e some noise evident.