Starting 2018, has shifted todos development focus to windows 10, i beg your pardon provides the necessary performance e security features. At this moment, you can:"s conectados version is as an effective as our windows 10 app, other than it doesn"t have enfrentar detection. conectados will be proactively developed by a team for the next couple of years. Your cross-platform subscription likewise covers accessibility to this conectados version.

Você está assistindo: Editor de fotos para notebook gratis has actually an old installer version porque o Windows 7/8. But this version is enquanto longer maintained, e does not contain a latest features. You won"t have the ability to make cross-platform purchases são de this version, and our team won"t it is in able to assist you if any type of issues arise.
This can be ns least favorable option, yet we strong recommend friend to update to home windows 10, which brings tremendous security benefit too as ns Microsoft save that enables you to baixar the home windows 10 version of

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Access: use same pró account come unlock tudo de platforms
Limit: as much as 5 users on iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Web
Auto: smart enhance for all adjustments
Crop: Flip, custom chop ratio, rotate, resize
Color: Temperature, tint, vibrance, saturation
Light: Dehaze, exposure, brightness, contrast
Light: Highlights, shadows, whites, blacks, diffuse
Detail: Clarity, sharpen
Effect: Fringing, pixelate, diffuse, invert
Vignette: Amount, highlights, roundness, feather
Lens: Distortion, horizontal, e vertical perspective
HSL: Hue, saturation, luminance ao 8 color channels
Curves: Master, blue, red, eco-friendly channels
Toning: Highlight and shadow tone, ton balancing
Grains: Amount, highlights, size, roughness
Border: clever border com automatic color suggestions
Perspective: 8 point based free distortion control
LUT: Import e export 3D Lut (iOS 11 or above)
Denoise (Color and Luminance)
Depth mask: adjust photo based upon depth from duplo camera
Brush mask: draw your mask with lâmina aware capability
Color mask: Selective adjustment com color
Radial mask: circular adjustment over your photo
Gradient mask: Adjusting photograph over der gradient
Luminance mask: Selective adjustment based on brightness
Fine-tuning tools: blur, feathering, invert, etc
Blending: Mix any local adjustment mask with an overlay
Stacking: unlimited stacking of local adjustments.

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Filters: 14 simple filter presets (8-10 each)
Custom Filter: Create, income through image or QR code
Premium Filters: 12 emulation presets (8-10 each)
Filter sync: Backup and restore practice filters
Auto: smart enhance and face detection (iOS / macOS / Windows)
Face: Skin, eye, nose, month, teeth, chin (iOS / macOS / Windows)
Liquify: pave pinch, bulge, restore, size, strength
Spot removal: Heal, clone, feather, opacity
Text: Format, blending, font, distortion, etc
Shape: Type, size, blending, opacity, color, etc
Preset overlay: Leak, flare, sky, cloud, weather, dusts
Custom overlay: stacking, import, backdrops
Toning: Graduent, dual-tone
Blending: 12 blending modes, carry blending
Masking: Eraser, brush, radial, gradient, color, depth
Workspace: background tracking, unlimited undo e redo
Histogram: Expandable 3 tape histograms, EXIF viewer
Customization: two workspaces, theming, rearranging tools
3D touch: feeling pen / finger ao brush push (iOS only)
Orientation: see / portrait workspace with locks
Tutorials: 12 embedded interactive walkthroughs
Recording: Toggle to display screen touch and drags in app
Watermark: Size, location, practice assets, opacity, angle
Export: paper format, compression rate, rezie, metadata
Batch export: Batch rename, resize, use filters, etc
Extensions: apple Photos expansions (macOS / iOS)
Dual camera: support portrait mode photos (iOS only) is free, yet members get premium filters,all-platform apps,color mask,overlays,double exposure,batch exports,depth mask,Photos extension,brush mask,3D LUTs,radial mask,filter sync,sky simulation,flares.

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