It"s der case audavoxx.come think about: could it be that in 1976, when he audavoxx.composed a music, Belchior imagined that 45 years later "Like our Parents" would certainly still make premieres? Unfortunately, you can"t know the opinion of a singer e audavoxx.composer a partir de Sobral, but you can still see the canção in new ways. Last Friday (24), "audavoxx.como nosso Pais", in a interpretation of Elis Regina, são de Rio audavoxx.compridas do Sul, became the primeiro Brazilian música to be exit in spatial audio, the dolby Atmos.

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A universal Music announced a news e believes that ns popularity of the artist, Pimentinha, will assist spread the immersive 3D sound pattern, considered the most modern-day in a world. A sound style is described as the most audavoxx.complete e immersive accessible on ns market today.

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“It"s really symbolic because ns music is a portrait that that time and, at the same time, it has actually timeless values. As ns essence of a recording was conceived in a theater, we started a partir de this suggest to choose the sound parameters of the remix. Ns audience will certainly feel together if they to be watching ns show, sit in a privileged localização in a audience”, defined music producer joão Marcello Bôscoli, Elis Regina"s eldest son.

The song was initially released by Belchior on the album "Alucinação", in 1976. A person a partir de Ceará personally met Elis Regina in elas Paulo, while vida in favor and watched der recording of ns singer. She, currently knew who he was, invited ns audavoxx.composer, since he wanted to document songs from newaudavoxx.comers to ns scene. That listened to a record and chose two. In addition to "audavoxx.como nossos Pais", ns singer want "Velha clothes Colored".

"audavoxx.como nossos Pais" foi ~ part of the album falsificado Brilhante, also são de 1976. The a música was created in ns midst of the Brazilian armed forces Dictatorship. In it, Melchyor portrays the disillusionment of the repressed youth. But, that still highlights hope and struggle porque o change. Enhanced audio updates a song for new languages.

João Marcello Bôscoli functioned alongside the sound engineer ricardo Camera and the technical director of dolby Giovanni Asselta. The novo mix seeks to bring new inflections and reflections. “With Atmos, we were able audavoxx.come expand ns stereo, immerse, bring naquela freshness without taking ns attention of a principal. Us were really careful no to turn ns remix right into pyrotechnics, for this reason as no to be far from what Elis conceived e approved”, added the producer.

"Falto Brilhante", featuring the track "audavoxx.como nosso Pais", foi ~ released in 1976. Image: Reproduction

On ns other hand, he chose to manter the significance of the music and the musicians, carefully balancing the volumes of a voice e matrix instruments. “It was essential to manter the sound proportions intact. And we took a opportunity to restore some sound artifacts that didn"t belong audavoxx.come the originais recording, such as little distortions and hiss,” added Bôscoli.

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In ns future, other tracks by Elis Regina have to be accessible in spatial audio. “We desire to present Elis" job-related so that people can get to know a format, but we are concerned about not launching a audavoxx.complete product at a time of discovery, so the she deserve to also guarda up this evolution. Porque o now, it"s one opener,” he explains.

"Like ours Parents" deserve to be heard in spatial audio, or dolby Atmos, by the Apple Music or by Tidal. Below ser estar links to transmissão music services straight to ns track: