EVENT WILL offer “A unique LOOK back AT twenty years OF XBOX” yet WON’T incorporate NEW jogos ANNOUNCEMENTS




Microsoft has evidenced plans to celebrate Xbox’s 20th anniversary next month with a special digital broadcast.

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The show will ar on November 15, 2021, exactly twenty years after the launch the the original Xbox. It will audavoxx.começo at 10am PT / 1pm ET / 5pm GMT.


“We invite girlfriend to sign up with us top top Nov. 15 audavoxx.come celebrate the 20th Anniversary that Xbox and Halo with naquela fun, digital transmissão for pan around ns globe,” the a empresa said ~ above Tuesday.


“While us won’t announcement any novo games, this anniversary transmissão will be a special look ago at two decades of Xbox. We’ll share more details soon, so remain tuned.”


Microsoft will certainly launch the first limited edition Xbox series X console and a limited edição Elite sucessão 2 controller on November 15. Priced in ~ $549.99 / £479.99, ns console’s design was inspired by the Halo universe.


Another 20th anniversary special borda Xbox controller e a special versão headset will be released next month too.


Xbox and Adidas have actually also partnered to create naquela series that sneakers designed to celebrate the console brand’s upaudavoxx.coming birthday.


According to XboxEra co-founder Nick Baker, Microsoft may be to plan to expand its backwards audavoxx.compatibility programme by making a new tide of original Xbox and Xbox 360 titles playable on modern-day hardware in November.





Rumor de que devem anunciar (depois de anos de prometido...) a expansão do catalogo de retro para Xbox One/Series. Pela isso a alterada no página? ˅ para ministérios look são de X360 e tease do Xbox Original gostar de no banner acima.


Xbox’s website is sporting a new look inspired by 360’s ‘blades’ Dashboard

THE visualmente UPDATE IS audavoxx.component OF ns BRAND’S 20TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATIONS




The front web page of the official Xbox website is currently sporting naquela new look motivated by a ‘blades’ Dashboard that introduced with Xbox 360.

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The above Xbox 360 dashboard featured naquela tabbed interface that permitted users audavoxx.come navigate the console by switching between different blades.