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Oi gente, bem-vindos vir ClicaBrasil!

Welcome to ClicaBrasil!

Here girlfriend will uncover Portuguese language sources that highlight facets of Brazilian culture. These materials estão designed for intermediate to progressed students, but ~ ~ accessible to everyone. Each unit includes videos that Brazilians from todos walks of life speaking naturally about their lives and their country, and numerous activities e exercises easily accessible in PDF files. Come begin, click on the green Units switch located at ns top right.

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Vivian Flanzer

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Hi, ns am Vivian Flanzer, a Portuguese language coordinator at a University of texas at Austin and the creator of ClicaBrasil. I was born e raised in Brazil.

I emerged ClicaBrasil as a classroom tool ao our Portuguese language courses here at UT-Austin. People todos over ns world ser estar now using it para different purposes: self-study, classroom instruction, tutoring, or as naquela pastime. I hope you uncover it as useful and informative together well.

ClicaBrasil was developed ao intermediate level learner of Portuguese. The units in ClicaBrasil combine reading, writing, listening e reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, oral communication, e cultural activities. Numerous video clips (157, to it is in precise!) that show different Brazilians speaking about their lives, your culture, e their nation support e enhance these activities.

Tips para the Learner:

Click a Unit Index to find the conteúdo of every unit. Click on ns Grammar Bank to uncover clear e concise grammar explanations. For naquela better understanding of a intricacies of the spoken vs. Created language, hear to ns videos in ns units e do a accompanying activities easily accessible in PDF files. Nothing forget to inspect your answer in the “respostas.”

Each Unit beginning with naquela Pano de fundo (Backdrop) section, where you can learn about ns unit’s particular socio-cultural scenario; the ends com an Aproximando o foco (Zooming in) section, whereby you can explore these aspects more extensively. Girlfriend will additionally find a Leitura (Reading) and a Gramática (Grammar) section in every unit. All the sections have actually activities com an answer-key in downloadable PDF documents that conversation with a videos and/or the readings.

To the right of each video, you will find a short navard (Termos úteis), a Portuguese transcription, e an English translation. Girlfriend can pick to show or hide this texts.

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Tips ao the Instructor:

There ~ ~ several means to usar ClicaBrasil. I encourage you to personalize this materials segue to your students’ needs. Feel cost-free to skip der unit or a section, or to são de them in naquela different order. It is always der good opinião to select which activities you will dá in class (as der group, in pairs, or individually) e which you will certainly assign ao homework. I indicate you ask your students come check the answer-key before submitting their homework, for this reason they can clear up any kind of doubts in class. Some activities offer “suggested answers” because they reflect an individual views or subjective opinions. Mine students have reported that a “suggested answers” have actually inspired them to discuss a units in class after doing a homework. Girlfriend might additionally consider adapting some activities to your students’ needs. Ao example, if you think a composition task would make more sense in her course as der class discussion, go porque o it!

I have der lot of funny reinventing the way i teach every ClicaBrasil unit and I funil you dá too. I would love come hear around you and your experience teaching com this tool, so you re welcome don’t hesitate to call me to tell me around your experiences!

About the Transcriptions

All ns videos in ClicaBrasil ~ ~ non-scripted. In fact, castle were taped during informal conversations between me and Brazilians from tudo de walks of life. In transcribing the videos, we were faithful to their speech, maintaining tudo the hesitations, interruptions, repetitions, e pauses that occur in usual speech. In various other words, what you hear in the videos is what you review in a transcriptions. In instances where a grammatical mistake wake up in a speech, we inserted the corrected kind in clip in a transcription, together in the example:

“as roupa (roupas) dá pessoal”

If naquela term foi ~ omitted, we put it in brackets:

“eu pode ser ~ escolher der hora que mim trabalho”

However, porque o reductions, common of colloquial spoken Portuguese but unacceptable in formalmente written language, a corresponding oficial grammatical forms were not placed in a transcriptions.