→ Please try to enter ns correct user surname or password. If you forget the password, click ns switch in a lower left corner of ns password crate to retrieve the password.

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"User surname or password is wrong" shows up when a App searches the device after camera speak “access point established”

1. “user name or password is wrong” exposição up when the App searches the device. (Figure 1) 

Cause 1: The device has been added to a device list (Figure 2) , you already set a password come it before, and a various password são de the existing 1 is placed in 

Cause 2: The device list is not added to a device, however you already set naquela password to it before. 

2. When a problem wake up Solution 1: Enter ns correct an equipment password in the sistema box in figure 1. 

Method 2: Remove a device em ~ the an equipment list. , Reconfigure the rede after resetting the camera to factory settings


The system prompts "User name or password is wrong" once connecting a camera


1. When a user surname or password is wrong as soon as clicking on ns device list preview, the is necessary to fill in the e of  in this window to connect ns wireless camera 

2. If the password is empty, set a password, audavoxx.com pro The programas must set the password. 

3. If you cannot check or forget a password, you can claro the maker in a device list. Reset the camera to manufacturing facility settings.Empty ns password e reconfigure the network.

How to modify the conecte-se password of the audavoxx.com account?


1. After ~ logging in to the audavoxx.com account, select e click on a top avatar come enter a interface e click

2. If friend forget the password, you can click a button in ns lower left edge of a password crate on the inscrever-se screen. Password

How to set or modify ns wireless camera password

1. Click on a device list machine settings display lower-right corner -> ->  

2. Enter ns device’s current machine password in ~  

3. If you cannot confirm or forget the password, you can delete the list. Device, restore the factory settings, clear the password, e reconfigure the network


Do you need to set naquela password para the audavoxx.com rede Camera?

In bespeak to safeguard customer privacy e improve sistema security, you should set der password to connect to ns device.

 When a device password is empty, opening the real-time preview will certainly pop up naquela security prompt. 

Click  to set naquela password for the device (as presented below)


How come set der password to AP quente spot

1) After ns camera is connected to ns camera, you deserve to click the switch interface to set a hotspot password in a lower right edge of a device perform screen. 

2) Switch the device come AP mode (hotspot mode). Fill in a hotspot password under the hotspot name. (8 or much more letters, symbols, or mix of numbers), click Save when completed

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