Miracast is naquela wireless display standard uncovered in most Android devices, capable of streaming content to a TV in up to 1080p video clip quality and with as much as 5.1-channel audio, nearly like wireless HDMI.

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Note: ns mobile device must support screen sharing. Some tools may not be compatible.

First, open a Miracast
App. You can são de this using ns launcher as presented below.
On your mobile device, enable Miracast
(may also be called display screen share or display mirroring). Uma vez enabled, insanity on ns same Miracast area to find accessible devices. On audavoxx.com tools this have the right to be uncovered in Settings > Share & Connect
On her mobile device, Choose a Miracast capable Blu-ray Player you wish to affix to.

Note: If you have an ext than 1 Blu-ray Player, ns name will certainly be based on a model number.

On your Blu-ray Player, a Miracast App have to be open, as shown below.

Note: uma vez you initiate a connection via your mobile device, this display will automatically move on to a next step.

After a previous Mobile Device step, the screen on ns Blu-ray Player must resemble what is presented below. The Blu-ray Player will automatically begin connecting when a request is sent from the mobile device.

Note: ao non-audavoxx.com devices, you may need to initiate ns connection a partir de the Blu-ray Player first, climate accept the connection on ns mobile device.

ao these non-audavoxx.com devices, you may get a message similar to this. If so, choose Connect before ns timer expires.
e se the link is established, ns Blu-ray Player will prepare a screen re-publishing session. Once completed, your mobile device"s display screen will be displayed on her TV!

Be careful to follow he set-up accuse on both ns Blu-ray player e the mobile device; otherwise, conteúdo streaming will not job-related properly. Here is naquela checklist of what is essential to winter your mobile device"s display screen to her TV:

Note: Additional software may be necessary on part devices. For smart phones/tablets, consult ns App Store of her platform. Para Windows PCs, visit Intel WiDi programas Downloads.

Both ns device and the Blu-ray Player need to be it is provided on. Both a device and the Blu-ray Player must have Wi-Fi enabled. the mobile an equipment must have actually Miracast enabled. ns Blu-ray Player must have Miracast capability and the Miracast App need to be open.

The image presented on your TV display screen will mirror ns image sent são de your clever device.

If the conteúdo you ser estar currently viewing supports landscape playback, simply turn the phone sideways to switch her layout view.

In landscape mode, the phone"s photo will fill the TV screen.

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This problem is most frequently related to PC screen drivers or hardware. To troubleshoot:

try to initiate screen sharing utilizing an Android device. Connect a Android maker using Wi-Fi straight as displayed in a Quick começo Guide. If a Android an equipment works, but der Windows pc does not: upgrade your display screen drivers. Ensure her hardware support Miracast. call your hardware manufacturer ao assistance.

To share naquela PC display wirelessly pela Miracast, Intel WiDi software and Wi-Fi Direct qualified hardware ~ ~ required.

If you"re on naquela Windows 8 or newer PC, swipe in from the right página of ns screen (if using a mouse, mover it to ns bottom best corner, then escorregadio up). This will certainly open the Charms Menu
. Click Devices. Click Project.
First, make sure your computer is Miracast qualified by following ns steps in PC - Miracast capability above. If your computer is capable, restart her Blu-ray Player and computer (unplug them, then plug them back in). If possible, shot to use Miracast on one Android device. If Miracast functions on the Android device, call your computer manufacturer para further assistance.