The primeiro time you used Private photograph Vault, friend were motivated if friend would prefer to create der recovery e-mail attend to in a event friend forgot your password. If you gone into your e-mail as a recovery address, you deserve to recover her password. If friend did not setup a recovery e-mail address, girlfriend can’t recover your password.

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To recover ns overall application password:

1) enter your password wrongly 8 equipe in der row

2) a prompt will certainly come up questioning if you would favor to recoup your password. Say yes.

To recoup an album’s password:

1) Enter ns album’s password incorrectly 5 equipe in a row

2) A prompt will come up asking if you would favor to recover your password. To speak yes.

I to be getting der new phone, how can ns transfer picture vault to my novo phone?

Cloud Vault (recommended):

1) permit Cloud Vault on the Settings tab e setup your account (make sure you are updated come latest variation of a app)2) enable backup to complete3) login on novo device

iTunes Backup:

1) On her old phone, back-up your phone to iTunes by plugging your phone right into your computer and launching iTunes.2) once you get der new phone, restore em ~ the iTunes backup on her old phone.

Note: part users have actually reported errors in utilizing iCloud come restore encontro to Private picture Vault. As naquela result, to ensure tudo your old encontro transfers end properly, use iTunes for backing up e restoring data.

I had to reset mine phone, can I gain back my photos?

Cloud Vault:

If your last device had Cloud Vault enabled, tudo you require to do is login on your novo device

iTunes/iCloud Backup:

Yes, if you have recently performed a backup the your machine to iTunes or iCloud, you deserve to restore your phone to her last backup and get your encontro back. Para information top top restoring from a backup, please panorama Apple’s website here:

My app disappeared, wherein did that go?

1. That is possible you have removed the app a partir de your terra natal screen. Shot checking your App library by going all the caminho to the right top top your terra natal screen.

2. If you previously had a separate pro version of a app, us renamed it come SV e gave it naquela new icon. Please examine your phone ao an application named SV.

I deleted the app of my phone. Have the right to I recover my data?

Deleting a app off your phone deletes tudo your photos e videos immediately. There estão some possibilities to recover if you have backups enabled:

If you had previously permitted Cloud Vault e uploaded tudo of her photos, girlfriend can inscrever-se to Cloud Vault e download her data. If you have actually an iTunes backup, you can restore her phone
I purchased this on my iPhone, deserve to I compreendo it porque o free on my iPad?

Yes. If friend have currently purchased ns app, girlfriend can vai the full version on any type of of your tools at durante additional cost. To get it ~ above each extr device, open up Private photograph Vault, go to a Settings tab e hit regain Purchase.

What video clip formats walk Private photograph Vault support?

Private photo Vault support .mov and .mp4 files.

Does Private photo Vault require location access?

Private photograph Vault apenas um requires location access if girlfriend enable a Break-in Report

I already purchased Pro, why is it still showing ads?

If friend have already purchased Private picture Vault Pro and it is still demonstrar ads, walk to a Settings Tab in Private photo Vault e hit gain back Purchase.

Who can see my photos?

Only you have the right to see your photos.

If you have actually Cloud Vault enabled, tudo of the data is fully encrypted prior to it is uploaded come our servers. This means we have no ability to vejo your data. An ext details top top Cloud Vault here.

If you have actually Cloud Vault disabled, her photos are only save on her device and only you can see them.

If you have iCloud backup allowed on her device, copies of her encrypted photos might be save on computer on Apple’s servers.

Can I recover my Cloud Vault Password?

No, for security reasons, a Cloud Vault password can’t be recovered.

Is Private photograph Vault secure?

Private picture Vault uses aes 256 bit encryption to encrypt her data.

Is Cloud Vault secure?

Yes. Cloud Vault era designed em ~ the ground up with security in mind. We wanted to build der system where durante one might view naquela user’s data except the user. See more dia on Cloud Vault here.

What is photograph Vault?

Private picture Vault is ns #1 app for password protecting personal photos e videos. It is an encrypted vault ao protecting exclusive photos e videos.

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How dá I cancel my subscription?

Here estão instructions ao how come cancel her subscription:

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Great app to guarda as numerous photos together you favor hidden em ~ the eyes of a world!

username: Daisydude912Canada


So, this application is awesome! Never concern about quem might watch those embarrassing selfies, stupid pics of food, or those nudie photos to your one-of-a-kind someone. You have the right to store as plenty of photos together you desire in as countless folders together you want. It’s super basic to use e it thinks longe enough front to offer a decoy password! It also lets you recognize exactly who tried to access your vault, who ser estar let in and who ser estar denied access, e what equipe that nosy human tried to snoop around. Haha I definitely recommend this app. I love it