Forgotten your iPhone"s Screen time or restrictions passcode?

Forgetting der passcode can happen to anyone, especially if these ser estar settings that you don"t mudança regularly. What to a partir de if you discover yourself locked lado de fora of a "restrictions" settings?

Fortunately, there are ways come retrieve your constraints settings without ns need to reclaim your iphone as naquela new an equipment or jail-breaking it. Anyone that has been told this is complicated or the "you should restore your iPhone as der new machine through iTunes" should read on!

What happens if I guarda getting ns Screen Time parental restrictions password wrong?

Don"t concern if friend continue e try many attempts come guess it. The phone will say "1 failed attempt" and so on, however it won"t lock you fora of ns device. Rather, apple will simply slow down a rate at which you can try novo codes.

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How come disable a Screen equipe passcode top top iOS 14 (or 13)

The procedure will disable Screen equipe on an iOS device (and, optionally, top top every various other iOS device e Mac on ns same to apologize ID). It will also reset a password, for this reason if Screen time is re-enabled, you"ll be triggered to choose der new passcode.

Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer system with naquela USB cable, e select it from iPhone backup Extractor"s left-hand menu.

Choose ns "Utilities" tab in iPhone back-up Extractor e click "Screen equipe recovery". That will certainly open a wizard, prompting girlfriend with the next steps.

iPhone back-up Extractor"s "Screen time recovery" option

The wizard will prompt you come temporarily disable Apple"s "Find My" organization on her iPhone, in setups → → uncover My → uncover my iPhone. You"ll need your Apple i would password to dá this. E se the procedure has completed, you"ll have the ability to re-enable it. (Note there"s no should remove your device from your iCloud account.)

The Screen equipe removal wizard porque o iOS 14

Click ns "Let"s start" button. After naquela short while your phone will certainly restart, and once the completes her phone will no decorrer longer have der Screen time passcode enabled.

Here"s naquela video demonstrar the phone perfect its restart. As it restarts it also disables Screen equipe on your Mac, too.

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With that, you"re todos done.

ps. Don"t forget to re-enable "Find My" in her device"s settings menu.