The Vision

As Founder Cheri Lasota began the audiobook creation process for her two novels, Echoes in the Glass and Artemis Rising, one of her first questions (and the No. 1 question among the thousands of authors she knows) is how do authors and narrators market their audiobooks?

Our Engines

Cheri Lasota

AudaVoxx Founder and CEO Founder and Co-Founder Founder and Co-Founder.

Cheri Lasota has been a freelance author, editor, e-book designer and marketing consultant for the last 12 years. Cheri plans to write another six novels/novellas in the Paradisi Chronicles, an open-source universe welcome to all authors.

Brandon Sanford

Marketing Director

Brandon Sanford graduated with an MA in book publishing from Portland State University. He spends a lot of time editing, both for work and for fun.

He freelances at the Portland Book Review. In his spare time, of which he has none, he plays board games—because he is geeky like that. He should get out of his apartment more. He has a very loving and lovely partner, who also writes and arts.

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